Product Updates August 2021

Delta Updates

  • Warehouse information can now be sorted under the Warehouse toolbox in the Inventory details page of a product.
  • New option added to allow cloning an import mapping tool.
  • Order Export Type can now be defined when creating an Export Mapping Profile – e.g. Invoice, Tracking, Order Acknowledgement, etc.
  • New option added to allow importing tracking numbers on WFS Shipments.
  • PO Status filter added under Purchase Orders panel located in the Purchasing toolbox of the product details page.
  • New filters added under the FBA Predictive Restocking page.
  • New action Export Sell through added to export products’ inventory sell through reports.
  • New option added to Import WFS Shipments.
  • New action called Add to WFS Shipment added to allow adding products directly into an WFS shipment, which is available from the Manage CatalogManage Inventory and the product’s Walmart Marketplace Properties page.
  • New type of schedule task available to allow exporting Vendor Invoices.
  • New action called Update Listing Part on Website has been added on the Manage Catalog page.

Alpha Updates

  • Overstock Settlement Import is now supported using Overstock’s new format.
  • When shipping via FBA, we now have the option to use a non-Amazon branded box and the ability to block Amazon Logistics as a carrier for the selected order.
  • Notes can now be added to Vendor Invoices when using the Vendor Invoice Workflow.
  • new feature has been added for WFS Shipments that will clear in-transit inventory that is stuck in interim warehouses on partially received shipments.
  • Lead Time can now be updated to Houzz from Sellercloud.
  • UPS Shipping Cost files can now be imported using a CSV format.

Shipbridge Updates

  • label orientation combo box has been added at the bottom of the UPS tab under Menu > Options > Carriers > UPS.
  • The fields Signature Confirmation and Grand Total are now available in the Orders grid under the Fully Shipped tab.
  • When using Scan and Ship, if no dimensions are set, you will be prompted to select a CWA Packaging Type. To use this functionality: please enable the two settings (bolded below) that can be located by following the steps below:
    • Menu > Options > Scan and Ship > Prompt for CWA packaging selection, when no dimensions set
    • Menu > Options > General > Add CWA Packaging Type weight to order