Product Updates April 2021

Delta Updates

  • Walmart Marketplace → New Shipping Templates supported.
  • Added UPS Surepost services for Kohl’s Shipping Method Mapping.
  • Fixed visual issues with NewEgg General Settings on the Company page.
  • Additional options added to filter by units remaining to be received for Purchase Orders.
  • Custom Company Settings can now be copied over between companies.
  • Improvements made on the FBA Shipment’s Boxes panel under Amazon Shipments toolbox:
    • Expand All arrow added in the grid header.
    • Download Box Content button added under the Boxes panel header.

Alpha Updates

  • Additional filters for the “Days of Order” dropdown added on the Predictive Purchasing page.
  • New Action “Get Info from 1 added under the Product’s 1 properties page.
  • Tanga Attributes can now be retrieved through API.

Shipbridge Updates

  • Package Types can be loaded from SellerCloud (CWA) for multi-item orders and applied accordingly.
    This is controlled by a new setting “Apply CWA packaging for multi-item orders” located under *Menu > Options > General.
  • Shipping Labels can now be rotated 180 degrees, which could be useful when saving the label to PDF and printing it from your printer later.
    This is controlled by a new setting “Rotate label 180 degrees” located under Menu > Options > Shipping.
  • Third Party Billing to Wholesale Customers is now supported for FedEx Accounts as well.

Skublox Updates

Hub App:

  • Administrators are able to cancel pending scans of items in Slot details.
  • Bird’s Eye – allows administrators to monitor the activity on all walls, simultaneously. Additionally, gives them control over active sessions and a link to each wall’s details page.
  • Find anything now supports searching Picklists.
  • Preferences – allows granular control over the way Skublox and the slots work.
  • Generate QR Login Codes – gives administrators a tool for quickly generating login QR codes for themselves and any number of additional users. Supported on all mobile devices as well.
  • Active Session user color updates in real-time when an item is scanned