Alegria integration

Sellercloud makes it easier to manage your orders and upload them to Alegria.

Key Features

Order export

Еxport your orders from Sellercloud in an Alegria-formated file for easy upload.

Grow your business

Eliminate the need for separate solutions by managing your data on a single platform.

Simplify fulfillment

With Sellercloud you can easily upload orders to Alegria.

Sell with Alegria and Sellercloud

Alegria is an online store that sells fun and fashionable women's comfort shoes. Aside from their own retail end, they sell wholesale to approved retailers; dropshipping orders directly to the end customer.

While Alegria requires an order file formatted to their specifications, Sellercloud can export your orders in the required format, enabling an easy upload of orders to Alegria. Please be advised that we do not have a vendor feed to update inventory of Alegria products in Sellercloud, nor do we currently have a tracking import plugin for Alegria orders. These updates can be done manually by reformatting files to the regular Sellercloud templates.