X-cart Account Integration


X-cart is open-source software that offers hundreds of extensions to create a powerful and versatile shopping cart. Learn how to connect your X-cart web store and Sellercloud accounts in this article.

Integrate with X-cart

Integrating X-cart with Sellercloud allows you to launch product listings, update inventory, and download orders automatically, including shipping or cancel/refund management. X-cart integrates with Sellercloud via the plugin.

The product must be Website Enabled on the Website Properties page for the available inventory to upload. Otherwise, the product’s inventory will be set to zero.

  1. Go to Settings > Manage Companies > Select a company.
  2. In Toolbox, select Sellercloud Plug-in Website > Cart General.
  3. In the Select Plugin dropdown list, select XCart.
  4. Enter the website URL and admin credentials in the Username and Password fields > Save.xCart plugin integration
  5. Go to Toolbox > Website > General > Edit.
  6. From the Store Type dropdown menu, select Custom. This will reveal a Store Plugin list. Select XCart > Save.
  7. Select your desired settings as described in the following section.

X-cart Settings Explained

You can find the explanation of each of the X-cart settings in the table below:
x-cart settings list

Store TypeIntegrated or plug-in website.
Safety QtyA buffer between the amount of inventory you have and the amount Sellercloud is sending to the channel to prevent overselling of items in high demand. It is used to subtract a number from the available quantity.
Default QtyThis only applies to Replenishable products. For these products, the Default quantity is the number that will always be sent to the channel in inventory updates regardless of the actual available inventory.
Website Product View URLThe link to the products list on the website.
Website Order View URLThe link to the orders list on the website.
URL Value Type
  • ProductID
  • WebsiteProductID
  • WebsiteProductIDVariantID
Default Inventory Max QtyLimits the inventory available for X-cart.
Allow Inventory UploadAllows X-cart to upload inventory information from Sellercloud.
Allow Price UploadAllows X-cart to upload price information from Sellercloud.
Allow New Product UploadAllows X-cart to upload newly created products from Sellercloud.
Allow Order DownloadAllows orders to be automatically downloaded from X-cart to your Sellercloud account.
Allow Download Shipped OrdersAllows orders marked as shipped to be automatically downloaded from X-cart to your Sellercloud account.
Allow Tracking UploadAllows X-cart to upload tracking numbers from Sellercloud.
Allow Unpaid OrdersEnable if you want the orders with no payment to be treated as charged.
Allow Partial Paid OrdersEnable if you want the orders with only partial payment to be treated as charged.
Allow Active Listings DownloadAllows active product listings to be automatically downloaded from X-cart to your Sellercloud account.
Store Is EnterpriseCheck if the store is a form of legal enterprise.
Enable Order Download LimitSet the limit on the orders to be downloaded if there are existing shipped orders in X-Cart.
Order Download Limit DateSet the date in the calendar pop-up.

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