Wish Product Properties Overview


The Wish Properties page contains all the product attributes related to Wish. On this page, you can manage products and get them ready for listing on Wish.

Product Fields Explained

To open the Wish Properties page of a particular product, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Catalog Manage Catalog.
  2. Open the requested product.
  3. Click Toolbox, and select Wish Properties.

Wish Properties Product Page

EnabledEnables the product for Wish.com.
Open on Wish.comOpen the product on Wish.com.
Merchant SKU
Displays the Merchant SKU identifier of the selected product.
Ready To Post
 Indicates if the product has all the required information to be posted on the marketplace.
Wish PricePrice for Wish.
Shipping Price
The shipping price of the product.
Localized Currency
Local currency selected.
Localized Price
Price in local currency.
Wish TitleProduct title for Wish.com.
Wish DescriptionEnter the description of the product to be displayed on Wish.
Wish TagsProduct tags for Wish.
Wish Brand ID
Product Brand ID.
Safety QtyQty to withhold from being sent to channel. This is useful to prevent overselling. To manually set the safety quantity for a product, deselect the Use Default checkbox.
Default Qty EnabledEnables the default available quantity.
Inventory Last SentTimestamp of the last time that inventory was updated on Wish.com.
Default Wish Return WarehouseThe Product is returned to the default warehouse address.
Is PromotedTRUE/FALSE.
Is Wish Express EnabledEnabling Wish Express mode will set all non-Wish Express products as ineligible for sale on Wish. Wish Express products will remain available for sale.
Shipping Length TimeAmount of time you have to ship an item.
Shipping WeightIndicates the weight of the package in which items will be shipped. Max weight is 130 lbs. The value must be greater than 0.
Shipping DimsPackage dimensions.

Actions Explained

Post on WishPosts the product and creates the listing
Export InventoryUpdates inventory info on Wish.
Remove Wish ProductIDRemoves the Product ID.
Connect/Disconnect to InventoryConnects to the inventory feed.
Update PriceUpdates specific pricing details.
Update Inventory and PriceSelect this option to simultaneously update the product’s inventory and price changes on Wish.
Set Product LogisticSends the product shipping dimensions and shipping weight to Wish.com.
Enroll Product in Returns ProgramThe product will be included in Wish Returns Program
Unenroll Product in Returns ProgramThe product will be excluded in Wish Returns Program
Remove Product From WishRemoves the product from Wish.


The Wish Properties page is where the product attributes can be set for Wish listings. Some attributes are can be entered on the Wish.com Properties page while other will be taken from the product home page and elsewhere. Inventory settings for Wish can be configured here as well.
The required attributes for posting to Wish are noted with a red asterisk. Hovering your mouse over the Red X on the Properties page will reveal an “Required Attributes Missing” message.
Updating Wish Properties in Bulk
Multiple products can be edited and made ready for Wish in bulk through the Bulk Update Products page. Using the Missing Channel Attributes export, a template can be generated with all column headers required for Wish.


* Wish Enabled Products that are not Wish enabled will be considered, for Wish inventory feed, to have a qty of zero.
* Wish Title Defaults to product name but can be changed on the Wish  Properties page.
* Wish Price Selling price on Wish
* Product Tags Comma separated list of strings that describe the product. Only 10 are allowed. Any tags past 10 will be  ignored.
* Shipping Price Price you are charging customer for shipping. Can set default.
  Enable Default Qty Enable when item is marked as Replenishable. Set a qty that will be sent to Wish in the inventory feed.
 Safety Qty Helps reduce the risk of overselling by subtracting a set number of units from the available quantity.
Inventory The  available qty and the available for Wish – Considers safety qty, default qty, enabled for Wish,  custom  calc, etc..
* Long Description Description of the product. Should not contain HTML.
* Description Image Images should be at least 100 x 100 pixels in size.
 List Price/MSRP When value is sent with this field it will show as a strikethrough price on Wish. Displays above the selling price  for the product.
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