Wish Express Account Integration


In this article, you will learn how to link your Wish Express and Sellercloud accounts to post products, manage listings and enable automatic updates.

Integrate with Wish Express

To integrate with Wish Express:

  1. Go to Settings Companies Manage Companies > Select a company.
  2. In Toolbox, select Wish General Settings > Edit.
  3. Check the Wish Express Enabled checkbox > select Wish Express Countries > Save.Wish Express Enabled

Update Wish Express Inventory

To update Wish Express inventory:

  1. Go to Settings Companies Manage Companies > Select a company > In Toolbox, select Wish General Settings > Edit > Controls > Check Enable Inventory Update box > Save.wish express inventory update

Configure Products

You can configure your products individually or in bulk.


  1. Go to Catalog > Manage Catalog > Select a product > Toolbox > Wish Properties.
  2. Go to Others panel > Edit > Check Is Wish Express Enabled box > Select Wish Shipping Template > Save.

Wish Express Configure products

In Bulk:

  1. Go to Catalog  > Tools > Import Product Info > Bulk Product Update.
  2. Click Generate Template > Choose Create New Template > Select File Format from the dropdown menu.You need three column headers for this import:
    • ProductID — This column is needed for any bulk update to identify which products in the system to configure
    • WishExpressEnabled — This value must be set to True
    • WishShippingTemplateID — The Shipping Template ID can be found in Company Settings under Wish
  3. Select the columns from Add Columns To Template > Next > Check Save Template > Download.
  4. Populate the columns in your template > Go back to Bulk Product Update > File > Select your file > Upload.GenerateTemplate

Integrating Wish Express

Wish Express gives you the opportunity to update your products with a deadline for delivery.

  1. Go to Settings > Company Settings.
  2. Select your Company.
  3. Click Toolbox > Wish > General Settings.
  4. Check Wish Express Enabled > Select Wish Express Countries.
  5. Save Settings.

Updating Wish Express inventory

Sellercloud requires the name of your Wish Express Warehouse to do inventory updates. This is found in your Wish Merchant account. sellercloud wish general settingls wish express warehouse name

Create a Shipping Template

  1. Go to Settings > Company Settings > Company.
  2. Click Toolbox > Wish > Shipping Templates.
  3. Select Add New Template.sellercloud wish shipping template add new template
  4. Enter the Template Name > Configure the Shipping Price for each Country Code you enabled. sellercloud wish shipping template enter template name a shipping prices

Configuring products

There are two ways to set up your saved shipping template on Wish products.

From Wish Properties page

  1. Select your Product > Toolbox > Wish Properties.
  2. Check Wish Express Enabled > Select Wish Shipping Template. sellercloud product wish properties wish express enabled
  3. Save.

Through a bulk update

You can also configure multiple products for Wish Express through a bulk update.

You need three column headers for this import:

  • ProductID— This column is needed for any bulk update to identify which products in the system to configure
  • WishExpressEnabled— This value must be set to True
  • WishShippingTemplateID— The Shipping Template ID can be found in Company Settings under Wishsellercloud wish bulk update excel file example

Note: Please contact Sellercloud Support to enable the columns for your server before Bulk Updating your products.

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