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In this article, you will learn how to download and process WFS orders with Sellercloud. WFS only  fulfills orders on and only ships within the United States. WFS-enabled items have 2-Day Shipping and Fulfilled by Walmart tags for increased product visibility and conversion. They are shipped in standard Walmart-branded packaging.

Here are a few more key details:

  • Default Order Status: Once orders are shipped by Walmart, they get imported with the status Fully Shipped and with details like shipping costs and tracking numbers.
  • Order Channel: In Sellercloud, WFS is a separate channel from Walmart Marketplace. You can find WFS orders with the Channel filter set to Walmart Fulfillment Services
  • Inventory: WFS orders are inventory-disabled because the inventory is pulled from WFS Fulfillment Centers and is automatically updated in Sellercloud. The deduction has already been taken into account in the next report we receive from Walmart.

Download Orders

You can download WFS orders into Sellercloud automatically or manually. You can also import orders from a file.


For Sellercloud to import orders automatically, you must enable the necessary settings:

  1. Go to Company Settings.
  2. Click Toolbox and select Walmart Marketplace > General Settings.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Check WFS Order Download.
  5. Optionally, check Enable Order Download Limit WFS to set a date limit to prevent old orders from being downloaded.
  6. Click Save.


To download orders manually:

  1. Go to Orders > Tools > Download Orders from Channel.
  2. Select Download Walmart Marketplace Orders
  3. Select the correct Company.
  4. Check Download WFS Orders.
  5. Optionally, check Delivered to download orders with the Delivered status.
  6. Set the Date Range.
  7. Click Download.
  8. Click the link at the bottom of the page to monitor the Queued Job.
You can also download orders manually by going to Company Settings > Toolbox > Walmart Marketplace > General Settings. Then click Actions and select Download orders.

Import From a File

To import orders from a file:

  1. Download a file with orders from Walmart.
  2. In Sellercloud, go to Orders > Tools > Import Order Info Via File.
  3. Select Import Channel Orders.
  4. Select the correct Company.
  5. Set the Channel to Walmart Fulfillment Services.
  6. Upload the File.
  7. Click Import.
  8. Click the link at the bottom of the page to monitor the Queued Job.

WFS Returns and Cancellations

When a customer returns a purchased item via the Marketplace Returns Processes, the order is shipped back directly to the WFS Fulfillment Center, and the RMA is handled by Walmart in full. 

RMAs don’t get imported into Sellercloud because the inventory doesn’t return to your local warehouse, and there are no actions you need to perform. The returned quantity will be accounted for in the next WFS Inventory Report we receive from Walmart. If you wish to import these RMAs, contact Sellercloud Support.

If you’d like to import closed RMAs, you can contact Sellercloud Support and request to enable the App Setting EnableWFSReturnsAndCreateRMA. Note that this only applies if you received a server update on 10/24/2023 or later.

All WFS order cancellations should be managed through Walmart’s portal entirely. You can only cancel such orders internally in Sellercloud. To cancel a WFS order in Sellercloud:

  1. Go to the Order Details Page.
  2. Click Actions and select Set Cancelled Internally.
  3. Enter Comments.
  4. Click Save.

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