Sellercloud’s waytopay.me solution lets you safely and securely obtain payments for unpaid orders by giving your customers a “way to pay” that is simple and independent of their shopping carts.

Because waytopay.me is a Sellercloud application, payments are instantly applied to orders. Payments are processed using the latest technology to ensure a smooth and worry-free experience for both merchant and customer.

sellercloud waytopay.me
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How it works

waytopay.me works by generating a unique URL for each order, so your customers can see all of their order details anytime, including complete shipping and payment information.

They can pay off balances anytime, and download payment receipts.

No personal information is collected from customers to ensure privacy. An email address and credit card information are all that is needed to pay for your orders.

Flexible configurations for branding and payment processing let you collect payments in a way that best suits your business and customer expectations.

Key features

Features include:

  • Ideal way to secure payments for local store/wholesale orders
  • Simple sign-up using existing Sellercloud credentials
  • Enable/disable per each of your companies
  • Easily configure supported payment methods
  • Customize payment pages (e.g., company logo) for a branded customer experience

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