Waytopay.me and CardKnox Integration


CardKnox is a payment gateway that provides a secure and reliable way for businesses to process credit and debit card transactions. It is a cloud-based platform that offers a range of features, including fraud detection, tokenization, and more.

In this article, you will learn how to integrate Sellercloud’s Waytopay.me application with CardKnox. This integration allows you to accept customer order payments from the following channels:

  • Wholesale
  • Local store
  • Website
  • Magento

CardKnox supports vaulting, which means that every time a transaction is received, all payment card and personal data is stored in their vault, and a token is sent to Sellercloud. The token can be used for future transactions without the card details being sent each time. In addition, card data will be stored safely by CardKnox instead of being stored on your servers.


Before you can set up CardKnox to process payments:

  1. Follow the Payment Settings Configuration instructions to sign up for Waytopay.
  2. Sign up for a CardKnox Merchant Account.
  3. Obtain API credentials: Transaction Key and iFields Key.

Integrate CardKnox

To integrate CardKnox with Waytopay:

  1. Log into the Waytopay Merchant Portal with your Sellercloud team name and login credentials.
  2. Click the company for which you want to set up CardKnox.
  3. Click Enable Waytopay for this company.
  4. Select Custom payment gateway.
  5. Click the button to enable Credit Cards and then enable Accepted credit cards.
  6. Click Change CC Processor.
  7. Select CardKnox and enter your Transaction Key and iFields Key.
  8. Click Test credentials to ensure the connection works.
  9. Click Save.

Note: After you are done with these steps, be careful not to click the Stripe option because it will disable CardKnox. To use CardKnox, make sure Custom payment gateway is selected under Payment Methods and has the green dot next to it, indicating that it’s active.

Additional Settings

Apart from connecting a payment processor, you can configure the following settings in Waytopay:


  • Click Manage channels to enable or disable Waytopay for specific channels

Company alias: 

  • Enter an alternative name for the company to appear on the payment page.

Customer support: 

  • Try Sellercloud’s live CRM service Memaila to communicate with buyers.
  • Enter an email for customer support from the payment page.
  • Click Customize subject fields to configure predefined frequently asked questions.

Payment notifications: 

  • Check Automatically email receipt to payer to automatically send invoices to customers after they pay.
  • Check Email payment notifications to merchant to automatically receive payment notifications when customers pay.

Payment preferences: 

  • Check the Accept partial payments box to let customers make partial payments.
  • You can also set a minimum charge amount for partial payments.

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