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Wayfair is a large and growing marketplace dedicated to all products for the home that you can integrate with Sellercloud. Once you have connected your Wayfair Partner account, you should review the available settings for this channel. This article describes the general Wayfair settings.

If you do not have a Seller Account, you can Apply on the Wayfair Vendor Portal and create your supplier login.

Wayfair General Settings

To open the Wayfair General Settings:

  1. Go to your Company Settings.
  2. Click Toolbox and select Wayfair > General Settings.
  3. Refer to the tables below to understand the options on this page.

Credentials Panel

Wayfair EnabledEnable Wayfair and allow Sellercloud to automatically download orders and send updates on inventory and tracking.
Enable Secure FTPEnable secure file transfer over SFTP.
Enable Wayfair APIEnable the ability to set up Wayfair via API.
Client IDYour Wayfair client ID, obtained after registering an application.
Client SecretYour Wayfair client secret, obtained after registering an application.
Authentication TokenYour Wayfair API authentication token.
AuthToken Received OnThe date and time when your token was received.
AuthToken Expires OnThe date and time when your token expires.
Enable Register Orders With WayfairEnable Wayfair LTL order settings.
Auto Register LTL Orders With WayfairEnable to register orders automatically. Make sure to also enable Use 24 Hours From Order Date.
Use 24 Hours From Order DateEnable in order to tell Sellercloud when to automatically register the orders.
Don’t Schedule Pickup On:If you do not want orders registered for pickup on specific dates, select from Saturday, Sunday, Friday After, or Custom Dates.
Re-Download BOLs (In Case Of Error)
Enable this when Auto Register LTL Orders With WayFair is checked. This setting allows Sellercloud to automatically download the BOL in PDF format when LTL orders are registered.
Wayfair FTP ServerEnter the FTP server address from Wayfair.
Wayfair FTP User NameEnter your FTP username from Wayfair.
Wayfair FTP PasswordEnter your FTP password from Wayfair.
Confirm FTP PasswordConfirm the FTP password.
Use PassiveEnable the passive mode of the FTP – a data transfer method where the client initiates the connection to the server to avoid issues with firewalls and NAT.
Login EmailYour Wayfair login email.
Login PasswordYour Wayfair login password.
Confirm PasswordConfirm the login password.

General Panel

Customer ISA QualifierSet to ZZ.
Customer ISA IDEnter a unique phone number.
Wayfair ISA QualifierSet to 01. Provided by Wayfair.
Wayfair ISA IDProvided by Wayfair.
Wayfair Seller IDLeave blank.
Supplier IDYour Wayfair Supplier ID (Vendor ID). You can enter multiple supplier IDs, comma-separated.
Only Create Orders If Supplier ID MatchCheck to only create orders if the Supplier ID Wayfair has sent in the Order Download document matches the Supplier ID you entered in the settings on this page.
Supplier Warehouse IDTypically, the zip code of the warehouse. You will find this ID on Wayfair. If there are multiple Warehouse IDs associated with your Wayfair account, you will need to configure them in Company > Toolbox > Wayfair > Locations.
Order Handling FeeHandling expenses amount to be applied to Wayfair orders.
Order Handling Fee is Per ItemHandling expenses will be calculated per item.
Order Commission (%)The percentage of commission to be applied to Wayfair orders.
Damage AllowanceThe percentage of damage discount to be applied to Wayfair orders.
Return AllowanceThe percentage of sales deduction showing the sale price of goods returned by customers.
Advertising FeeThe percentage paid for advertising to be applied to Wayfair orders.
Early Pay Discount The percentage of discount that buyers can receive in exchange for paying invoices early.
Safety QtyThe Safety Quantity helps reduce the risk of overselling by subtracting a number of units from the available quantity.
Default QtyWhen an item is set as Replenishable, the value set here is the number that will always be sent to the channel in inventory updates, regardless of the actual available inventory.
Max QtyThe Inventory Max Quantity can limit the inventory available for Wayfair so that it will never show the full quantity on Wayfair even when there really is more available.

Options Panel

Enable Inventory UploadAllow Wayfair to upload inventory information from Sellercloud. Select when you are ready to have Sellercloud control your inventory on Wayfair. Note that products that are not Wayfair-enabled will be updated with a quantity of zero.
Use V5020Sometimes Wayfair expects EDI 846 v5020 instead of v4010. The EDI DIR form that Wayfair sends back after you fill it out should say which one they are expecting.
Send Backorder InformationSend backorder information to Wayfair.
Enable Back Ordered Delivery Days If this is enabled and Days To Send are provided, then Days To Send will be sent for backorder info when on order quantity is available.
Enable Wayfair Multi Warehouse MappingWhen this is enabled, you have to set up multi-warehouse mapping via Company > Toolbox > Wayfair > Locations. If Wayfair Locations aren’t set up, we will send the Supplier ID instead in the inventory feed.
Days To SendThe number of days to send.
Enable Invoice Upload (810)Send invoices to Wayfair for every shipped order.
Enable Order Download (850)Download orders approximately every hour. Make sure that Shipping Method Mapping is configured.
Enable Order Functional Acknowledgement (997)Inform Wayfair when order documents are received.
Enable Order Acknowledgement (855)Inform Wayfair when orders will be shipped.
Enable Order Fulfillment Upload (856)Send tracking to Wayfair automatically.
Do Not Send Tracking On SaturdaySkip sending tracking to Wayfair on Saturdays.
Do Not Send Tracking On SundaySkip sending tracking to Wayfair on Sundays.
Send Back Same Ship Speed as ReceivedEnabling this setting saves the Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC) and ship speed codes (like UPSN and GR) from the 850 order file and sends the same codes back when sending the 856 tracking file, indicating that you used the shipping method Wayfair requested. If disabled, the ship codes associated with the method listed on the order in Sellercloud will be sent.
Import Orders As UnPaidImport orders with the status Unpaid.
Create Orders Under One UserEnable this to create all the Wayfair orders under one user.
Requires Third Party ShippingThis indicates that the product requires third-party shipping.


For Wayfair actions, click the Actions menu on the General Settings page and select from the following:

Test FTP CredentialsTest your FTP info provided by Wayfair to ensure that the connection is successful.
Download Full Inventory UpdateManually download a full inventory update to an EDI file.

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