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Integrating Walmart Marketplace with your Sellercloud account allows you to seamlessly manage your listings, monitor the status of your orders, configure various product properties, and track financial performance. By automating key processes and customizing your workflow, you can not only save valuable time but also enhance overall efficiency.

This article describes all of the available Walmart Marketplace General Settings in Sellercloud and includes links to related articles for more information. To explore other related topics, refer to our Walmart Marketplace Category.

Walmart Marketplace General Settings

To open the Walmart Marketplace General Settings:

  1. Go to your Company Settings.
  2. Click Toolbox and select Walmart Marketplace > General Settings.
  3. Refer to the tables below to understand the options in each panel on this page.

Credentials Panel

Walmart Marketplace EnabledWhen you enable Walmart Marketplace for the selected company, you allow Sellercloud to communicate with Walmart automatically.
Enable Access Token Based AuthenticationAllows authentication with a Walmart Access Token.
Walmart Partner IDYour unique Walmart Marketplace seller ID from the Walmart Dev Center.
Access Token Client IDYour unique Token Client ID from the Walmart Dev Center.
Access Token Client SecretYour unique Token Client Secret from the Walmart Dev Center.
Access TokenYour unique Walmart Marketplace Access Token from the Actions menu > Get New Access Token.
Access Token Received OnThe date your Access Token was received in Sellercloud.
Access Token Expires OnThe date your Access Token expires in Sellercloud.
Affiliates API Consumer IDYour Walmart Affiliates API Consumer ID, required to Integrate an Affiliate Account.
Walmart Display NameYour seller name on Walmart.
CommissionSet an estimated percent-based commission fee to apply as a placeholder for order commission until the actual Walmart settlement report comes in and overrides it.

Options Panel

Default Product IdentifierChoose a default product identifier for products sold on Walmart Marketplace:

  • UPC – Universal Product Code: A unique 12-digit number assigned to products sold in stores and online.
  • EAN – European Article Number: The standard product identifier used in Europe.
  • GTIN – Global Trade Item Number: A unique and internationally recognized identifier for a product that normally appears next to the barcode on your product’s packaging.
  • ISBN – International Standard Book Number: A 13-digit number identifying books and book-like products published internationally. It is intended for a monographic publication: text that stands on its own as a product, whether printed, audio or electronic.
Safety QtyThe Safety Quantity helps reduce the risk of overselling on Walmart Marketplace by subtracting a set number of units from the available quantity.
Default QtyThis only applies to Replenishable products. For these products, the Default quantity is the number that will always be sent to the channel in inventory updates regardless of the actual available inventory.
Max QtyThe Max Quantity limits the inventory available for Walmart Marketplace and becomes the maximum quantity shown there, even when more is available.
Default Tax CodeThe default tax code for products sold on Walmart Marketplace. The general Walmart tax code is 2038710 (Taxable Retail Items). However, it’s best to check Walmart’s guide for more information.
Walmart Shipping FeeSet a shipping fee to be deducted from refunds issued to Walmart Marketplace customers.
Fulfillment Latency (Days)The Fulfillment Latency is known as Lag Time on Walmart Marketplace. It is the number of days between the date an item is ordered and when it is shipped. This attribute is not included in the Inventory feed. To update it manually per product, use the Actions option Update Shipping LagTime on Walmart.

Unless your items involve special processing (like furniture or personalized items), your Fulfillment Latency must be set to 1 or 2 days.
Enable Walmart Marketplace Defined Shipping TemplatesEnable Walmart shipping templates in Sellercloud. Walmart Marketplace requires each product to be assigned to a shipping template. Enabling this shows the Default Fulfillment Centers and Default Shipping Template (Walmart Defined) options.
Default Fulfillment CentersSelect fulfillment centers from your Walmart account to include in the Walmart-specific shipping template.
Default Shipping Template (Walmart Defined)Select a Walmart-specific shipping template.
Default Shipping Template (Override)Select a shipping template to override the shipping settings set up globally in Walmart’s Seller Center. This setting is available only when Enable Walmart Marketplace Defined Shipping Templates is disabled.

Controls Panel

Enable Order DownloadEnable to download Walmart Marketplace orders to Sellercloud automatically.
Enable Order Download LimitEnables the Order Download Limit Date field.
Order Download Limit DateA date before which existing shipped orders on Walmart Marketplace will not be downloaded into Sellercloud.
Enable WFS WorkflowEnable the Walmart Fulfillment Service (WFS) Workflow.
Enable Order Download Limit For WFSEnables the WFS Order Download Limit Date field.
WFS Order Download Limit DateA date before which existing shipped orders on Walmart Marketplace will not be downloaded into Sellercloud.
Auto Acknowledge OrdersEnable to acknowledge orders coming from Walmart Marketplace automatically.
Enable Tracking ExportEnable to send tracking info to Walmart Marketplace automatically.
Enable Inventory UploadEnable to send inventory info to Walmart Marketplace automatically.
Enable Prices UploadEnable to send pricing info to Walmart Marketplace automatically.
Upload Prices Based On RebatesIf disabled, Sellercloud will not check product rebates and will send the price set on the Walmart Marketplace Properties page.
Enable Active Listings DownloadEnable to receive Active Listings reports from Walmart Marketplace.
Enable Settlement DownloadEnable to receive settlements from Walmart Marketplace. Refer to Settlements for more information.
Enable Notification For RMA Created
Enable to receive a notification when a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) is created by a Walmart Marketplace customer.

Actions Menu

For Walmart Marketplace actions, click the Actions menu on the General Settings page and select from the following:

Download OrdersManually download orders from Walmart Marketplace to Sellercloud.
Download Walmart Fulfilment Service OrdersManually download WFS orders from Walmart Marketplace to Sellercloud.
Get New Access TokenGet or refresh your Walmart Marketplace Access Token.
Verify Access TokenDo a quick verification test to ensure that your Walmart Marketplace Access Token works.
Update Shipping Template on All productsUpdate the shipping template for all Walmart Marketplace-enabled products to the one selected on your General Settings page.
Test Product Search KeyDo a quick verification test to ensure that your product search key works. This is required to use the following supported options with the Affiliate API:

  • Catalog > Add New Product > Creation via Channel > Walmart Marketplace to create new SKUs.
  • Product > Actions > Walmart Marketplace > Get Info From Walmart to get info from items that have WPIDs.
Download Walmart Affiliates API Public KeyDownload a .txt file with your Walmart Affiliates API Public Key to your device.

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