Walmart Dropship Listings Management


The Walmart Dropship Listing Management page shows the properties of a specific product posted to Walmart DSV. Sellercloud integrates with Walmart to manage inventory and orders; you do not post or revise product info from Sellercloud.

Walmart Dropship Listings Management

To open the page from which you can manage your listings:

  1. In Sellercloud, go to CatalogManage Catalog > Open a product.
  2. From the Toolbox, select Walmart Properties.


The image shows the toolbox.

The page includes the following panels:

  • General
  • Inventory
  • Pricing
  • Channel Images
  • Custom Columns
General Panel
EnabledProducts that are not Walmart enabled will be considered, for the Walmart Inventory Feed, to have a quantity of zero.
Walmart Web Tool IDWalmart’s listing ID – Walmart Item number
Walmart Merchant SKUThe ProductID as it’s known on Walmart. However, in case of an SKU mismatch, can be edited to match the SKU code on Walmart DSV.
Ready to postShows if the product has all the required information to be listed on the channel.
DiscontinuedShows if the product is discontinued.
Walmart Direct UPCUniversal Product Code. Refers to the 12-number barcode used to scan at point of sale.
Fulfillment Latency (Days)Shows the amount of fulfillment latency days if applicable.
Inventory Panel
Avail. QtyShows the available quantity.
Qty for WalmartShows the quantity of product available for Walmart.
Safety QtyHelps reduce the risk of overselling by subtracting the set number of units from the available quantity. The default value for the company can be set on the Walmart DSV company settings.
Walmart Direct Max QtySpecifies the maximum units sent to the channel.

The default value for the company can be set on the Walmart DSV company settings.

ReplenishableIf you want to sell a specific item regardless of the available quantity, mark it as
Replenishable. When updating various channels, Sellercloud sends a fixed quantity for replenishable
products, so it consistently shows a specific available quantity.When set to Replenishable, the Safety Quantity is ignored.

This is NOT channel-specific but is always shadow-persistent.
Pricing Panel
Initial CostThis is the price at which Walmart is buying the item from you; not the retail price. Walmart sells the item to the customer.

Walmart does not send the amount they will pay you with each order, so it is important to populate this field before importing orders in order for the correct item price to appear. Otherwise, your orders will import with the amount that Walmart sends us, which will cause inaccuracies in your P&L.
Retail PriceSets the retail price for the product.
Initial RetailThe Retail Price at Walmart. For internal reference only. This field does not get sent to Walmart.

The Channel Images panel includes all the images the product has for the different channels.

The Custom Columns panel shows the Custom Columns if the product includes any.

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