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Sellers that operate in the European markets should provide their EU customers with Value Added Tax (VAT) Invoices. More information on EU VAT can be found here.

Sellercloud offers a specialized VAT Invoice Plugin (VAT Format), which exports predefined VAT per country. Contact Sellercloud Support to install the plugin on your server. Once your VAT Format plugin is installed, follow the Invoice setting guide to set it.

The VAT Invoice plugin is a ready-to-use Sellercloud option. If you wish to customize the plugin for your business needs, contact Sellercloud Support. Bear in mind that such modification will be chargeable.

Plugin Details

This plugin exports VAT information instead of tax. The VAT rate is determined based on Custom Company Settings, configured as described in the next section.

The plugin also prints the VAT ID number under the company info. VAT ID is determined based on custom company setting (see below).

Configure VAT Format Company Settings

Before you use the VAT Format plugin, create the following Custom Company Settings.

  1. VAT Rates – Here you can define the VAT rates, calculated by percentages, per country. The accepted values are the CountryCode-Rate, separated by a semicolon and without spaces – e.g. “UK-18;FR-20;BG-20;”
  2. VAT ID Number Per SiteCode – Sets the prefix of the VAT ID number. The correct format is CountryCode-VatID, separated by a semicolon and without spaces – e.g. “DE-DE291778600;IT-IT00177539996;”.
The country code in both Custom Company Settings should be the two-digit UPS Code for that country.

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