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You can manage the shipping and payment data for your Purchase Orders in Sellercloud. Once your vendor ships your PO, you can update the PO’s shipping data either manually or by using Shipping Containers for multiple POs at the same time. Once you receive your POs, you can then update the payment details manually or by using vendor invoices. The vendor invoices option requires that you enable the Enable Vendor Invoices Workflow Client Setting. Once this setting is enabled, all Vendor Payments and Invoices regarding purchase processes are controlled from the related Vendor page only.

Manage PO Shipping

You can update Shipping details for a particular Purchase Order by adding tracking info received from the vendor manually or by using Shipping Containers.

If you want the Shipping Containers menu item to appear under the Purchasing menu, configure the Enable Shipping Containers For PO Client Setting. This will also let you control delivery of purchased items with the help of Shipping Containers.

Add Tracking Info

Follow the steps below to manually update the PO Shipping status and specify the Shipment tracking details.

  1. Access Purchasing > Manage POs.
  2. Open the Purchase Order you want to edit the shipping status for.
  3. In the upper right, click Actions, and select Update Shipping. Alternatively, select Shipping from the PO’s toolbox.
    Shipping on PO
  4. In the upper right, click the Edit button.
  5. On the Shipping Details panel, fill out the shipping information.
  6. Save the changes by clicking the tick icon, or the Save option.Shipping Details on PO

Use Shipping Containers

You can use Shipping Containers to update the shipping information for your Purchase Orders. To do so, you should place the purchased items in a Shipping Container. To learn how to create and manage Shipping Containers, refer to Purchase Orders – Shipping Containers.

The Enable Shipping Containers For PO Client Setting must be enabled to make the Shipping Containers available.
Once a Shipping Container is received, the associated Purchase Orders are automatically updated with a new Shipping Status and details.

Manage PO Payments

You can update the PO Payment status by manually marking a PO as paid or by using Vendor Invoices.

Note, that if you use the Vendor Invoices workflow, then you are not allowed to manually mark a PO as paid. That is controlled by the Enable Vendor Invoices Workflow Client Setting. Alternatively, use the Vendor Invoices for managing payments.

Mark PO as Paid

The PO Payment status is automatically updated once a Payment has been applied to that Purchase Order. You can manually update the Payment status of a PO by adding a payment. To do that, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Purchasing > Manage POs.
  2. Open the Purchase Order you want to receive a payment for.
  3. Click Toolbox, select Billing & Payments.
  4. In the upper right, click the Edit button. Alternatively, click the pencil icon on the Payments panel.
  5. Click the plus icon to add a new Purchase Payment.Add Payment to PO
  6. Fill out the appropriate payment information, and click Add New Purchase Payment.New Payment Dialog Box
  7. Save the changes.
  8. Once the Purchase Order is completely paid, its status will change to Charged.

Use Vendor Invoices

In addition to manually marking a PO as paid, you can manage payment details through Vendor Invoices. To use this workflow, you must first enable the Enable Vendor Invoices Workflow Client Setting.

  1. To open Vendor Invoices, navigate to one of the following paths.
    Purchasing > Manage POs > PO > Toolbox Billing & Payments > Actions > Manage Invoices.
    Purchasing > Vendors > Vendor > Toolbox > Invoices.
  2. To apply a payment to any invoice, open the relevant invoice in the grid. For more information about Vendor Invoices, refer to Managing Vendor Invoices.Vendor Invoices
  3. To access the associated payments, select Payments from the Vendor’s Toolbox. To record a new payment from the Payments page, go to the Edit mode, and click the plus icon, on the Payments panel. For more information on how to update the PO Payment status, go to Purchase Orders Workflow.Vendor Payments
  4. Receiving Sessions are also available from the Vendor’s Toolbox. For more information on receiving purchased products, go to Purchase Orders – Receive PO.Receive Sessions

Updating shipment and payment status

Check out this video tutorial on shipment and payment statuses on POs.

Sellercloud’s intuitive interface lets you easily manage every aspect of your PO, including shipping and payments. You can update the shipping status of a PO using the Shipping Status link. Or, you can:

  1. Click Select Action > Update Shipping > Go. This opens the Tracking Shipment page.
  2. Enter the Shipping Status, Courier Service, the Tracking Number, and the Shipping Date > Save.sellercloud update shipping

You can also mark POs as paid:

  1. Open a PO > Go to Payment Status > Make Payment.
  2. Select a Payment Type and Payment Method.
    1. If you are paying with a credit card, select a credit card number. Credit card numbers can be entered in the Credit Card Library.
  3. Save.

If you have enabled Vendor Invoices, the action Make Payment will direct you to the Vendor Payments page.

Tracking inventory arrival

You can track when a product was received on a PO. On the Inventory Arrival page, you can view information about when PO shipments were received, listed by product. Products that have been received for the first time are marked in the First Time Arrival column with a check. To access:

  • Click Inventory > Inventory Arrival

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