UnbeatableSale Product Properties


The UnbeatableSale Product Properties page in Sellercloud allows you to manage the products you list on your UnbeatableSale channel. Integrating your Sellercloud account with Unbeatable Sale allows you to configure the listing’s attributes, view inventory, define price and pricing approach, and get products ready for posting on UnbeatableSale.

UnbeatableSale Product Properties

You can access the product properties page by navigating to Catalog > Manage Catalog > Open a product > Toolbox > UnbeatableSale.

General Panel

Enabled Once enabled, Sellercloud will send inventory and price updates to UnbeatableSale. 
Merchant SKUThis is a UnbeatableSale-specific SKU.

Pricing Panel

Site Price This is usually the default price on the channel.
Unbeatable Sales PriceThis field allows you to configure a product price specific to the UnbeatableSale channel. Click Default to use the product’s Site price.

Inventory Panel

Safety QtyA quantity to subtract from the Available Qty to prevent overselling. This amount won’t be included in the inventory feed. Check Default to use the safety quantity from your Company’s UnbeatableSale settings.
Enable Default QtyDisplays a Default Qty field and Default checkbox. Default quantity only applies to replenishable products. For these products, the default quantity is the amount that will always be sent to the channel in inventory updates, regardless of the actual available inventory.
Default QtySet a default quantity.
Avail Qty Displays the currently available inventory for UnbeatableSale.
ReplenishableEnable for SKUs that are consistently restocked or tend to restock quickly. It keeps your listings active and prevents you from missing out on potential sales.


The following actions are currently available:

Post on UnbeatablePosts the product and creates the listing. Sellercloud pulls a unique listing ID into the Active Listing field. This action also pushes an Inventory Updeate to the channel. If you want to include the price as well, the Company Setting Enable Prices Upload on the UnbeatableSale Genral Settings page must be enabled.
Restrict/Unrestrict for Channel This action is used to temporarily restrict any information for that product to be sent to UnbeatableSale and vice versa. This includes automatic Inventory and Price updates or even posting on UnbeatableSale.

Bulk Actions

Some of the UnbeatableSale-related product actions are also available to perform in bulk. Navigate to:

  1. Catalog > Manage Catalog > Select your products.
  2. Action menu > Choose an action.
  3. Once done, Sellercloud will send information for the selected products to UnbeatableSale.

Some of the available Bulk Actions are:

  • Launch on Channel..
  • Enable/Disable For Channel…
  • Update Inventory on Channel
  • Update Prices on Channel
  • Export Channel Missing Information…
  • Export Channel Category Suggestions
  • Update Images On Channel
  • Export Channel Info…
  • Restrict/Unrestrict For Channel
  • End Listing On Channel…

A Queued job will be created and can be reviewed on your Manage Queued Jobs page.

Another option to modify multiple products simultaneously is to use the Sellercloud Bulk Update tool.

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