Shipbridge Third-Party Billing


This article explains third-party billing in Shipbridge.

Some merchants may ship orders through a third party’s account. Channels like Overstock and Wayfair (see the full list below) may allow merchants to ship orders through their shipping accounts.

Configurе Third-Party Billing in Shipbridge

Wholesale customers can be billed directly in a separate third-party billing configuration.
The process below must be enabled in the Admin tab by your Shipbridge Administrator or Sellercloud Support. We strongly encourage using this new interface for configuration. The process is identical for UPS, FedEx, and DHL carriers.
  1. In Shipbridge, click Menu > Options > Carriers tab > Configure third party billing.
  2. Click the Configure button next to the company for which you are configuring.

  3. Select the channel for which you will bill the shipment of orders to the third party. For example, Overstock.
  4. Enter the third party’s account number.
  5. When configuring third-party billing for Overstock and Wayfair, enter a partner ID (they will provide). This is not required for other third-party billers.
  6. Select the checkbox next to the channel to enable third-party billing for that channel. If the box is not checked, the default account will be used.
  7. Enter a third-party address that will appear on the label for those orders.
  8. Save your settings.

Configure Third-Party Shipping

If you only use third-party billing where you ship using your own UPS or FedEx shipping account and bill the channel’s account, leave the Use account – not as 3rd party checkbox disabled.

To use third-party shipping, where you ship by printing prepaid labels with the channel’s shipping account instead of your own, you must:

  1. Check Use account – not as 3rd party.
    1. If using a third-party for UPS SurePost, check Use account for UPS SurePost.
    2. To use prepaid labels for all services, check Use account for all UPS Services.
      To use pre-paid labels with UPS in Shipbridge, you must ensure the account is configured as a payment method in your profile on UPS.

  2. Enter the credentials of the channel’s shipping account in the third-party billing grid to the right of each enabled channel.
    1. For UPS: add the Account #, License number, Username, and Password.
    2. For FedEx: add the Account #.

Third-Party Billing Labels

If the configuration is properly set for third-party billing, the label will display the information accordingly (i.e . Bill 3rd Party, Prepaid etc)

For FedEx, this is the top-right corner. See FedEx example here. Additionally, for FedEx, you have the option to check the Use address as alternate from address box in Options > Carriers > FedEx > Configure third party billing > Company > Channel.  When this setting is enabled, the shipping labels will print with the address configured in the Third Party Billing window.

For UPS, it is the bottom-left part of the label.

Set Orders to Require Third-Party Shipping from Sellercloud

For the channels that usually have third-party billing, there is the Requires Third Party shipping checkbox on that channel properties page.requires 3rd party shipping

You can find the check-box here: Company > Toolbox > Channel > General Settings.

This setting will force orders to ship using a third-party account instead of your regular account when shipping using Shipbridge. Shipbridge will put a flag on such orders.

When a replacement order is created, it will be marked as Requires Third Party Shipping if the original order was also marked as Requires Third Party Shipping.

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