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Target is a retail chain, known for its wide range of products, including clothing, household goods, electronics, furniture, and groceries. Target works closely with suppliers around the world to offer online and local deals and promotions, making it a convenient option to buy a variety of products in one place. 

Target Account Integration allows you to manage your Target listings from your Sellercloud account.

Ready a Product for Updates

You must first create the listings on before you can manage and update them through Sellercloud.

Certain minimum requirements must be met, in order to manage your Target listing:

  1. Go to Catalog > Manage Catalog > Open a Product.
  2. From the Toolbox > Select Target.
  3. Click Edit and configure the fields described in the table below.
Enabled Once enabled, Sellercloud sends inventory and price updates to Target. Products that are not Target-enabled will be considered to have zero quantity.
Web Tool IDUnique Target ItemID, called TCIN ( Item Number) in Target’s portal.
Initial CostThe price at which you are selling the product on Target. Alternatively, check Default to use the product’s Site Price.

Universal Product Code (UPC) must be configured in Product’s General Properties before you can manage a Target listing.

Update Target Listings

With Sellercloud, you can update your Target listings manually or automatically.

Your products should be Target Enabled and have valid Initial Cost, UPC, and Target Web Tool ID in order to send the correct inventory quantities automatically.
If the Product ID in Sellercloud does not match the product identifier on Target, use the Target Merchant SKU field in order to correctly map your products.

Manual Update

Manual product updates can be done Individually or In Bulk.

To Update products Individually:

  1. Go to Catalog > Manage Catalog > Open a Product.
  2. Select ToolboxTarget
  3. Choose Action > Upload Inventory Update.

To Update Products In Bulk:

  1. Go to Catalog > Manage Catalog > Select your products. 
  2. Select Action > Update Inventory on Channel.
  3. In the newly open window, select Target > Continue or Update.

A Queued job will be created and can be reviewed on your Manage Queued Job page.

Automatic Update

Automated Target updates are controlled by the Company Setting Enable Inventory Upload on the Target General Settings page. While enabled, Sellercloud periodically sends automatic inventory updates for products that are Target Enabled, and have valid Initial Cost, UPCs, and Target Web Tool IDs. If these attributes are missing, the Inventory Update will fail.

While the Inventory Feed is generated and sent regularly, not all Target-enabled SKUs are included in it every time. Sellercloud checks your products and only sends information about SKUs whose inventory has changed in the previous 12 hours.

To enable the Inventory upload function:

  1. Go to Settings  > Select a Company > Toolbox
  2. Select Target General Settings > Click Edit. 
  3. Check Enable Inventory Upload > Save.


If you have multiple warehouses for Target, it is recommended to use the Channel Warehouse Mapping feature.
Pricing changes must be negotiated with a Target representative. Currently, no option exists to update pricing in inventory feeds. The Initial Retail field on the product’s Target Properties page is only for reference.

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