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Square, previously known as Square Up, is a popular point-of-sale (POS) system that offers a wide range of hardware and software solutions for your business. With Square Online, you can customize your website with a variety of templates, manage inventory, accept payments securely, and track orders and customer data. It’s designed to be user-friendly and integrates seamlessly with other Square products.

You can integrate your Square website into Sellercloud via API. The integration supports the following synchronization between the two platforms:

From Square to Sellercloud:

  • Import Categories
  • Import Square Orders
  • Import Square Orders by Date Range
  • Download Active Listings 

From Sellercloud to Square:

  • Export Products from Sellercloud to Square
  • Export Product Inventory & Price from Sellercloud to Square
  • Export Only Product Inventory from Sellercloud to Square
  • Export Only Product Price from Sellercloud to Square
  • Cancel Square Orders 


First, you must get an API Access Token and your API Location ID from Square:

  1. Go to https://developer.squareup.com and Sign In.
  2. Click Developer Dashboard. Then click + New Application.
  3. Name the application Sellercloud and click Create Application, and the information required for the integration will be auto-generated.
  4. The Location ID(s) for your Square account can be found in the Locations tab of your Developer Dashboard.
  5. Before copying the API Access Token and Location ID, verify that the lower left corner of the page says Production Settings. If it says Sandbox Settings, click there, and it will switch to production.

Integrate Square

To integrate Square into Sellercloud:

  1. Go to Company Settings.
  2. Click Toolbox and select Website > Sellercloud Plug-in Website > Cart General.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Click Select Plugin and select SquareUpV2 Plugin.

    Contact Sellercloud Support to request the latest version of the SquareUpV2 Plugin to be installed on your server.

  5. Configure the settings in the Options panel:
    1. Website URL – Enter your Square website’s URL.
    2. API Access Token – Enter your Square API access token.
    3. Location ID – Enter your API location ID.
    4. Write To Log In Detail – Check to record additional information like tracking docs and trace logs when logging Square-related details. May slow down performance.
    5. Create Orders With No SKU – Check to create orders without a SKU.
    6. Mark Orders Shipped Automatically – Check to mark orders as shipped automatically.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Click the Actions three dots icon on the top right of the Options panel and select:

    1. Test Settings – To ensure that the connection is established successfully.
    2. Download Attributes – To download your Square product attributes into Sellercloud.
  8. Click Toolbox and select Website > General.
  9. Click Edit.
  10. Set the Store Type to Custom.
  11. Set the Store Plugin to SquareUpV2 Plugin.
  12. Optionally, configure the other settings in the Website General Settings panel:
    1. Safety Qty – The product’s Safety Quantity, which is to be subtracted from the Available Qty to prevent overselling. 
    2. Default Qty – Use this option for Replenishable Products to set a default number of units that will always be available on the channel.
    3. Website Product View URL (optional) – The link to your website’s products page.
    4. Website Order View URL (optional) – The link to your website’s orders page.
    5. URL Value Type – Select the product identifier for the preview links: ProductID, WebsiteProductID, or WebsiteProductIDVariantID.
    6. Default Inventory Max Qty – The default Maximum Inventory Quantity sent to Square to prevent the full quantity from being displayed, even if more is available.
  13. In the Options panel, enable:
    1. Allow Inventory Upload – Enable Sellercloud to send inventory updates to Square.
    2. Allow Price Upload – Enable Sellercloud to send price updates to Square.
    3. Allow New Product Upload – Enable this to allow new products to be posted from Sellercloud to Square.
    4. Allow Order Download – Enable Sellercloud to download orders from Square.
    5. Allow Download Shipped Orders – Enable Sellercloud to download orders marked as shipped.
    6. Allow Unpaid Orders – Enable Sellercloud to download unpaid orders.
    7. Allow Partial Paid Orders – Enable Sellercloud to download partially paid orders.
    8. Allow Active Listings Download – Enable Sellercloud to download product listing reports for active products from Square.
    9. Enable Order Download Limit – Enable to prevent orders created prior to a specified date from being downloaded into Sellercloud. You must also select an Order Download Limit Date below.
    10. Order Download Limit Date – Set the date in the calendar pop-up.
  14. Click Save.

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