Smart Bargains Orders Overview


In Sellercloud, you can update order information for Smart Bargains from a single platform. Here, you can cancel, refund and monitor the status of your Smart Bargains orders.

Automate Order Download and Tracking Upload

You can automate the process of order download and tracking upload by following these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Companies > Manage Companies > select a company > Toolbox > Channels > Smart Bargains > General Settings Edit.
  2. Check the settings Enable Order Download and Enable Order Fullfillment Upload.

Enable Order Download and Enable Order Fullfilment Upload

Refund Smart Bargains Order

Follow the steps below to issue a Smart Bargains Refund for an order:

This action is for setting the order as refunded internally, in Sellercloud. It will not send the refund to Smart Bargains.

  1. Go to Orders > Manage Orders > open an  order > Actions > Issue Refund.
  2. Enter Amount To Refund and Notes.
  3. Click Refund.refund Smart Bargains order

Cancel Smart Bargains Order

You can only cancel an order before it is marked Shipped. If it is already Shipped, you must issue a refund. Follow these steps to cancel an order:

Go to Orders > Manage Orders > Open an order > Actions > Set Cancelled Internally.

Set Cancelled Internally

This action is for setting the order as canceled internally, in Sellercloud. It will not send the cancellation to Smart Bargains.


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