Skublox is a sorting tool specifically designed to simplify your entire fulfillment workflow. Our integrated bin-to-light and put-to-light technology will help you reduce errors and boost efficiency in your daily warehouse operations. Skublox offers a streamlined solution for your picking, sorting, and shipping workflows, ensuring scalable efficiency. With Skublox, you can effortlessly create customized sorting walls to perfectly match your unique requirements and needs.

Furthermore, Skublox fully integrates with our Skustack WMS and Sellercloud Omnichannel e-commerce platforms. This means that all your existing SKUs in your catalog are ready to be processed through Skublox on day one. You can fulfill orders from any of your existing marketplace channels as well as from your company’s own online storefront website. What’s more, you can feel confident that every piece of merchandise will be picked, packed, and shipped correctly – regardless of where the order came from or where it is going.  Skublox is key to eliminating sorting and shipping errors! You can download the Skublox Sorter and Hub apps from the Google Play store.

Skublox has its own dedicated Help Site

Check out this short Skublox tutorial!

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