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Signifyd is an e-commerce fraud protection solution that checks for fraudulent payments. Signifyd offers an On-Demand plan where you can either manage on your own using Signfyd’s fraud score and info, or the Complete Assurance plan, where Signifyd will review, decide, and guarantee all orders for you.

Signfyd can be easily set up on your Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce platforms with a simple plugin install. They also have open APIs, enabling your development team to custom-build a connection from any platform.

Sellercloud integrates with Signifyd to pull in the fraud review status submitted from your sales platform. Based on the retrieved response, you can easily manage order processing in Sellercloud, with only approved orders being allowed for shipping.

Integrate with Signifyd

Sellercloud does not submit orders to be verified by Signifyd, but only makes a GET call to query the order status. They should be submitted outside of Sellercloud, through your website portal, for example.
Signifyd DOES NOT detect fraud for payments made through Paypal. This means that the plugin will not submit Paypal orders but it will mark them Confirmed.


Signifyd configuration with Sellercloud is achieved via a plugin and scheduled task. To integrate:

  1. Contact Sellercloud Support to install the plugin for this connection on your server.
  2. Create a saved search of all the orders that you sent to Signifyd.
  3. Go to Settings > Scheduled Tasks > Manage Scheduled Tasks and click the green button Create New Scheduled Task.The image shows how to create a scheduled task.
  4. Select Export Order as a Task Type, fill in the other mandatory fields, and click Create.The image shows the Export Orders Type.
  5. A green pop-up window will open. Click on its link to configure the task.
  6. In the Details panel > Saved Search field, select the saved search with Signifyd orders.
  7. In the Details panel > Export via field, select Signifyd Order Export. The image shows the needed fields.
  8. For further information on the page’s fields and the export, refer to the Scheduled Tasks article > Schedule an Export Task section > Export Order Tasks drop-down.


When exporting the orders, Sellercloud will query the case status of the order in Signifyd. The disposition return by the API could be:


Sellercloud can create order statuses and notes based on the response from Signifyd. You can use these statuses and notes to manage the orders for shipping. The response will include the following:

  •  Open, Processing, and Held are active and still being processed
  •  Dismissed and Flagged means that it was processed
 Score  0 – 1000. The higher score being the better score.
Guarantee Disposition
For Complete Assurance  accounts
  • APPROVED – Case Approved
  • DECLINED – Case Declined
  • CANCELLED – The customer canceled the order after submitting payment.
  • PENDING – Approval Pending
  • UNSET, NULL – Order was not yet processed

The plugin has the ability to leave orders notes as well as update the order status in Sellercloud based on the returned disposition to either Confirmed/In process or On hold. See the sections below for more information.

Confirmed Only Workflow (Uses Signifyd Order Export v1.0.0.6 or later)

Orders that pass the fraud check will be marked with the status Order Confirmed. If you want to prevent orders that have not passed the fraud check from loading into Shipbridge:

  1. In Sellercloud, go to Companies > Manage Companies > Open a company.
  2. From the Toolbox, select Shipping.
  3. Check Confirmed Only and click Save Settings.The image shows the COnfirmed only checkbox.

However, because only website orders are managed by the plugin, orders from all other channels will be left as not confirmed. You can either manually mark the orders as Confirmed to allow download into Shipbridge or use the ConfirmNonWebsiteOrderPostOrderPlugin to mark all non-website orders as confirmed. This workflow only updates orders to Confirmed without placing any orders On hold.

On Hold Workflow (Uses CC Signifyd Order Export v1.0.0.0 or later)

If an order is APPROVED by Signifyid it will be marked as Confirmed in Sellercloud, for any other status we will place the order On hold.

Once the status changes and an APPROVED response is received, Sellercloud will mark the order as Confirmed and update the order status from On hold to In process.

For all orders:

  • Score will be saved to the custom column signifydScore
  • guaranteeDisposition will be saved the custom column signifydguaranteeDisposition
Not all accounts are made equal. The guaranteeDisposition is only available with the full Signifyd account subscription.

Required settings:

  • Custom Setting: SignifydAPIKey – holds the API key provided bi Signifyd.
  • Custom Column: signifydScore (decimal)
  • Custom Column: signifydguaranteeDisposition (string)


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