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This article provides information on configuring Endicia ELS (Endicia Label Server) and the DaZzle application, signing up for a new Endicia account, using Endicia Pay-on-Use return labels, and integrating Globegistics.

Shipbridge can print USPS postage through Endicia’s ELS or through DaZzle, Endicia’s desktop application. Endicia requires two separate accounts for customers who need to operate with both DaZzle and ELS.


DaZzle is one of the most popular programs used to print postage for USPS shipments. Shipbridge offers a full integration with DaZzle that gives users the freedom to take full advantage of DaZzle’s label layout files and other helpful features. This way, there is no need to manually open DaZzle and print or modify the shipping labels.

Unless you need DaZzle’s features, we recommend using ELS. Communicating directly with ELS allows you to void labels from Shipbridge by unshipping the order. Additionally, adding another layer of software may increase the risk of malfunction.

Settings managing USPS are located in the Options menu. Learn more about setting up DAZzle here.

Endicia Label Server

Endicia ELS allows customers to print postage from within the Sellercloud application without having to install and configure other desktop shipping applications. There are two types of Endicia ELS (Endicia Label Server) accounts:

  1. Basic – Allows printing of all service type labels but does NOT support End-of-Day scan form printing.
  2. Advanced – Allows printing of all service type labels and DOES support End-of-Day form printing.
Endicia ELS accountBasicAdvanced
Service type labels printing++
End-of-day scan form printing+

I have an Endicia Account

There are 2 ways to sign up for your Endicia account: via Endicia itself and through Shipbridge.

Signing up for Endicia’s Label Server (aka ELS) using this link will automatically link your Endicia account to Sellercloud’s service provider account. This helps to expedite support on customer service calls.

If you sign up for an Endicia account via Shipbridge , you will be eligible to receive special pricing.

I Don’t Have an Endicia Account

If registering for a new Endicia account through Shipbridge, there is an option to utilize Sellercloud’s Discounted Rates (instructions available below). The discount available through this program increases as more users enroll. Existing Endicia accounts cannot be added to the program. It cannot be used in conjunction with other negotiated or discounted rates.

ELS account holders who generate high volume priority shipments (approx. 5k/mo) should expect to have their monthly fees waived.

Sign Up for New Endicia Account

If you do not have an Endicia account but would like to ship through USPS in Shipbridge, you can sign up for a new Endicia account through Shipbridge by following these steps.

  1. In Shipbridge, go to Menu > Options > Carriers > USPS.
  2. Select the Use Endicia Label Server option. This will cause the fields to appear on the page.endicia
  3. Select the link in To sign up for an Endicia API account with ShipBridge , click here. This will open a new window. Endicia account sign up
  4. In this window, fill out information including company, credentials, and credit card information.
  5. By default, the setting Use Seller C loud’s Discounted Rates will be selected. This will give you less expensive rates than the standard USPS rates. However, if you have custom rates already negotiated with Endicia, you can select the option Use Custom Rates, and enter the information there that they have provided you.

Once this is completed and submitted, the credential should auto-populate into the settings page in Shipbridge.

Endicia Pay-on-Use Return Label

Many customers would like a return label included in their order. Endicia’s Pay-on-Use Return Labels lets you print and provide return labels for your customers. The return labels are not prepaid. So, you will not be charged unless it is used. Pay-on-Use must be enabled in your Endicia account.

ShipBridge supports Endicia’s Pay-on-Use Return Labels to auto-print return labels when printing U.S. Postage via Endicia Label Server. If Endicia Parcel Insurance has been purchased for the outbound label, it will automatically be purchased for the return label.

Pay-on-Use is supported for the following services:

  • Priority Mail Express
  • Priority Mail
  • Parcel Select
  • Ground Advantage (formerly First-Class Package Service)

And for the following package rates:

  • Weight and Zone
  • Flat Rate Box or Envelope
  • Regional Rate Box
  • Cubic Volume (if qualified)

The return label mirrors the outbound label, so it will only print when the outbound label is of the above services.

  1. Navigate to Menu > Options > Carriers > USPS > Endicia Label Server.
  2. Enable the setting Enable Pay on Use Return Labels. On the Orders Grid, a new column will appear – USPS Return Labels.
  3. Check the boxes in the column for the orders you want to print return labels.
  4. When printing labels, the return label will also print out.
Your Endicia account will only be charged when the label is actually used for the return.


Globegistics , , is a shipping consolidator that integrates with Endicia to offer Endica ELS users international shipping services. After setting up Globgistics on their ELS account, Shipbridge users can print Globegistics labels directly from the software.

Globegistics Labels

Currently, Shipbridge supports 3 types of Globegistics labels.

International Priority Airmail (IPA)

For mail and packages weighing up to 4 pounds. The label bears USPS markings. After reaching the USPS International Gateway, mail will be delivered by local postal service as First-Class mail with an ETA of 4-7 business days.

International Surface Air Lift® (ISAL)

For mail and packages weighing up to 4 pounds. The label bears USPS markings. After reaching the USPS International Gateway, mail will be delivered by local postal service as Standard mail with an ETA of 7-14 business days.

Consolidator International

For mail and packages weighing up to 4 pounds. The label does not bear USPS marking.

Set up Globegistics
  • Sign up for Globegistics and contract with them for one or more of the above services.
  • Globegistics contacts Endicia.
  • Endicia enables consolidators on their ELS account.
  • On the USPS tab configure the label printer with the Globegistic shipping service.

Please note that these shipments are non-traceable; labels will print with a mock tracking number and channels will be updated with that number as part of the shipping confirmation.

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