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FedEx is an American multinational delivery services company shipping envelopes, packages, and freight in the U.S. and Internationally.

The article explains how to set up FedEx One Rate and FedEx Collect on Delivery options in Shipbridge.

FedEx Shipping Settings 

To set FedEx shipping options, go to Options > Carriers > FedExfedex

FedEx Settings
Setting Definition 
Disable insurance When checked, will not allow the purchase of insurance when shipping by FedEx. 
Enable carriage value threshold The threshold that the declared value of the shipment must meet or exceed in order to request insurance. 

For example, if the threshold is $150, a package valued at $145 will not be able to request insurance. A package valued at $150 or more will be able to request insurance. 


Round carriage value to the nearest $100 Round the declared value to the nearest $100 value. Will only round if the actual declared value meets or exceeds the Carriage Value Threshold (if the threshold is set). 
Default signature type Will default to the option selected here requiring signature confirmation on FedEx Express or FedEx Ground orders: Indirect, Direct, or Adult. 
Default FedEx package The package type on the order will default to the option selected here. 

Unless you have another reason, set the option to FedEx – Your Packaging. 


Bill duty/tax to Select the option to configure who pays duty/tax for international shipments: Sender, Receiver, or Third Party. If a third party is selected, a reference field will appear to enter its FedEx Account. 
FedEx Express Reference map: Reference Choose from any SellerCloud order field to display on the label as the FedEx reference field. See the image below. 
FedEx Ground Reference map Map the following three FedEx reference fields that print on the FedEx label to 3 SellerCloud order fields. ShipBridge allows you to enter almost any reference type in all the fields. 

Choose from the drop-down or enter manually. 


Note: A packing slip or invoice should be printed with the shipping label to indicate what must be packed in the order. The reference boxes are good indicators, but they are small and too restrictive and can’t completely replace a packing list. 


 Configure third-party billing Read here how to configure 3rd party billing. 

FedEx One Rate 

FedEx One Rate is flat-rate shipping that does not require you to weigh or measure shipments under 50 pounds. With FedEx One Rate, you can add to the box without adding to the price. FedEx One Rate works with the following services: 

  • FedEx First Overnight 
  • FedEx Priority Overnight 
  • FedEx Standard Overnight 
  • FedEx 2Day 
  • FedEx 2Day A.M. 
  • FedEx Express Saver 

and is used with any of the following FedEx package types: 

  • FedEx Envelope 
  • FedEx Small Box 
  • FedEx Medium Box 
  • FedEx Large Box 
  • FedEx Extra Large Box 
  • FedEx Pak 
  • FedEx Tube 

Ship with FedEx One Rate in Shipbridge 

To configure Shipping FedEx One Rate in Shipbridge:

  1. Click Menu > Options > Carriers tab > FedEx tab.
  2. Select the Use FedEx web service radio button.
  3. Click the setting Enable FedEx One Rate by default. 

This will use One Rate if you select a valid service (for example, 2Day) and packaging combination (for example, FedEx Pak). enable fedex one by default


When enabled and you calculate rates, Shipbridge will include a second request for all One Rate services+package types. For every valid service, there is a corresponding One Rate service rate. 

FedEx Collect On Delivery 

FedEx C.O.D. is a service where FedEx Ground or International Ground will collect payment for you when the package is delivered. 

Request COD 

  1. Right-click on an order with a FedEx Ground shipping method selection. 
  2. Select Edit Order.edit order
  3. Under the order details tab, press the FedEx Accessories button. FedEx accessories
  4. Mark the order for Collect on Delivery and enter the collection amount. The currency box defaults to USD for domestic orders, and to CAD for Canadian destinations. FedEx collect on delivery
  5. Save. 
  6. To specify the payment type required upon delivery, locate the Cash on Delivery payment type setting in the FedEx tab (Menu > Options > Carriers tab): 
    • Any Payment type (Default) – cash, guaranteed funds, company/personal check, money order, cashier’s check, or certified funds. 
    • Cash.
    • Guaranteed Funds – for the certified check, money order, or cashier check.FedEx cash on delivery

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