FBA Shipment Box Defaults


You can optimize the FBA shipments packaging process in Sellercloud by setting up customized shipment box defaults and using them later when creating new shipments.

Add Shipment Box Defaults

  1. Go to Inventory > FBA Inbound Shipments > Shipment Box Defaults.
  2. Click the Add button to add a new box profile.Box Defaults add
  3. Enter the template name, dimensions, weight, and box name > click Save.Add new box default

Manage Shipment Box Defaults

Once the new shipment box profile is created, you can adjust its values or delete the profile as needed.

Edit Shipment Box Defaults

On the Shipment Box Defaults page, click the Edit button > make edits > click Save.Edit box details

Delete Shipment Box Defaults

On the Shipment Box Defaults page, click the Delete button > confirm deletion.Delete box

Select Shipment Box Defaults

To select the box defaults in the FBA shipment creation wizard:

  1. In the Boxes tab, go to the Boxes panel and click the Edit button.Select box defaults
  2.  In the Edit Box pop-up window, go to the Box Defaults field and choose the corresponding option from the dropdown list. Edit box window

Shipment box defaults can be set in Sellercloud from Manage Inventory FBA Inbound Shipment Shipment Box Defaults

Set the template name, dimensions, weight and box name. Once created the default values can be adjusted at any time. You can also delete the template from the Action Menu.

  1. To select the Shipment Box Defaults in your FBA Shipments screen, click the box icon to the right:
  2. On the next screen, you can select the template on the right side:

For items that need Prep Guidance: (These are for items that have special packaging requirements, that if not met will cause Amazon to reject the shipment. If you are unsure if your items require prep it’s recommended to follow through with the prep steps.)

  1. Enable client setting Enable FBA Prepare Guidance.
  2. Select Get Prepare Instructions from the action menu.
  3. The prep guidance and instructions will display next to the products in the grid.
Currently, MWS does not support Item Prep Services, which is an Amazon service where, for a fee per item, Amazon will prep the item for you when the items are received at FBA. When creating a shipping plan through Seller Central, you can select on each product who should prep the item, Merchant or Amazon. If an item requiring prep is received at FBA unprepared and you did not inform Amazon to prep the item, you will be subject to Unplanned Prep Fees. Currently, there is no API call to inform Amazon to prep the item. If you want Amazon to do the item prep, you would need to create the shipping plan in Seller Central and use the interface there to select Amazon as the prepper. Then, you would import the shipment into SellerCloud for the actual shipping.


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