ShipBridge End of Day (EOD) Forms

Understanding the End of Day (EOD) form

You must generate this form on the day of shipment. You will not be able to pull the EOD form for orders shipped yesterday.

Some carriers require End of Day (EOD) forms. This may also be referred to as the Shipment Confirmation Acceptance Notice (SCAN) form, Order Summary form, or Shipment Manifest. EOD forms can be created on ShipBridge through web services for UPS, DHL eCommerce/Global Mail through Endicia, Expressed One through Endicia, and FedEx. This article will guide you through how to generate new and previously created EOD forms on ShipBridge. USPS refers to the EOD form as the SCAN form, and it is important to learn about the other differences with USPS.

The end of day form is printed based on the postage log of your ShipBridge application. The postage log will only contain data for orders shipped locally. ShipBridge does not have access to global shipping data. You can print a summary of all your shipped orders for the day only from the carrier user interface directly.

To create FedEx end of day form you will need to enable FedEx Web Services on the device.
Please note that UPS does not allow this option. If you need one for UPS, please integrate ShipBridge with WorldShip.

Generating End of Day forms

It is important to note that you must generate the EOD form on the day of shipment. You will not be able to pull the EOD form for order shipped yesterday.

  1. Go to Menu > Click End of Day > Select the carrier > Select your company. Generating End of Day form
  2. Click Yes. Confirming generating End of Day form

Printing previously generated End of Days form

You have the option to reprint previously generated EOD forms. Please note that if the form was not previously generated, you will not be able to access it. You must generate the EOD form on the day of shipment, and then you can reprint it on another date.

  1. Go to Menu > Postage Log.Opening Postage Log
  2. You can filter your search for the postage log. Click Reload to reload the EOD forms according to your filters. Click Clear Filters to clear the filters you set.
  3. Check the postage log you want to reprint > Click Print ELS/E1 SCAN Form. Reprinting End of Day form

Understanding USPS SCAN (End of Day form)

Sometimes, especially when shipping larger volumes of orders, the USPS does not scan the package tracking. Although the customer receives the tracking number, it will not be searchable on USPS. By printing out a PS5630 Shipment Confirmation Acceptance Notice (SCAN) form, a label will be printed with a bar code that contains all the USPS orders that were shipped (meaning labels printed) that day. This label will not include unshipped and refunded labels in ShipBridge. Now, all USPS needs to do is scan that one label, and all orders will be entered into the USPS tracking system.

The following are instructions for printing SCAN forms when using an ELS account for all companies and printing from one ShipBridge installation.

  • If you have separate ELS accounts for different companies (configures in ShipBridge under Per-Merchant accounts), you will need to print the SCAN form directly from Endicia’s site. Read how-to here. 
  • The SCAN form will only include labels printed from that PC. If you have multiple ShipBridge installations, you should print a SCAN form directly from Endicia’s site. Read how-to here. 
Labels included in the SCAN Form cannot be refunded.
Shipping USPS via web services will register the tracking number in USPS, so an EOD form is not necessary for USPS.


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