Shipbridge and Endicia DaZzle


ShipBridge offers a full integration with DaZzle that gives users the freedom to take full advantage of its features.
Communicating directly with the Endicia Label Server is recommended unless any DaZzle features are specific to your workflow.

Shipbridge uses DaZzles’ XML interface to sent package information to DaZzle, which in turn prints out a shipping label with appropriate tracking and fee information.

After Shipbridge processes the XML response, Shipbridge:

  • Sends the tracking information back to Sellercloud.
  • Marks the order as shipped.
  • Updates the appropriate order source with tracking information.

In the USPS tab of Shipbridge, the disk paths of the XML save path and output file paths are already set by default.

Shipbridge Integration with DaZzle/Endicia Settings

Settings Description 
Maximum wait time for DaZzle output Controls the timer that checks for the XML response from DaZzle after printing a label. Normally, it just takes a couple of seconds to process a DaZzle shipment. If it takes longer than the maximum wait time, Shipbridge will assume it failed to print. 
Warn if DaZzle is open Shipbridge requires that the DaZzle layout designer is closed while shipping orders. If DaZzle is open while Shipbridge sends an XML request it can sometimes cause DaZzle to print multiple labels. 
Skip unverified address Will not print labels for orders without validated addresses. 
Disable clipboard copying When enabled, will not allow clipboard copying (the process of using a windows application to copy addresses to DaZzle). 
Use DHL Global via DaZzle Use DaZzle for printing DHL Global labels. 
Use special address layout Learn more about  address layouts here. 
Default packaging type Sets default packaging type for domestic and international shipping. 
Insurance requested (when enabled) Selects insurance method – Endicia, USPS, or U-PIC. Configuration for U-PIC is done in DaZzle. 
Disable insurance When enabled, will not allow the purchase of insurance when shipping via DaZzle. 
Enable declared value threshold: $ The threshold that declared value of shipment must meet or exceed in order to request insurance. 
Round DV to the nearest $100 Will round declared value to the nearest $100 dollar value. Will only round if an actual declared value meets or exceeds the Carriage Value Threshold (if the threshold is set). 
Enable Stealth Postage Hides the shipping and handling charges on the label. 
Always require delivery confirmation Typically, companies enable delivery confirmation on all USPS orders. 
Always require signature confirmation Typically, will only add signature confirmation on specific orders. 
Override default sender name and address Can be used when shipping orders from multiple companies. Shipbridge will populate the return address on all the layout files based on the company’s address information set up in DaZzle, as opposed to using the company address in Sellercloud. 
Use cut-off time Automatically postmarks shipments for the next day when printed after a certain hour. It can also be useful to postmark orders for a later date if the shipper is working on a Sunday or Postal Holiday. You can also edit the postmark of an individual order by right clicking the context menu in the grid.
Allow sub-ounce weights Sets the precision value (1 or 2 digits). 
Rubber Stamps Selects relevant order specific information to print on the label. For more information read the Rubber Stamps section. 

Integrate Shipbridge with DaZzle 

  1. Log into your Endicia account > Download DaZzle.
  2. Follow the instructions provided by Endicia and supply the required information, such as account number and password, until the DaZzle installation is complete. 
  3. Go to Shipbridge.
  4. Go to Menu > Options > Carriers tab > USPS tab. 
  5. Select Use Dazzle. use dazzle radio-button
  6. Typically, the default Dazzle EXE and XML paths will be accurate. However, if the program or save/out files are in a different location, you will need to map the path correctly.
  7. Click Map Dazzle Layout dazzle layout files
  8. Clicking on the shipping method name will open a file explorer window.
    1. Select the corresponding DaZzle LYT file that was loaded onto your computer when DaZzle was installed.
    2. Press the test button to generate a test label.

Once all of your LYT files are assigned to their corresponding methods you can start shipping your USPS packages via Shipbridge. 

Validate Address Using DaZzle 

If you do not have a USPS Web Tools ID in your Sellercloud account, then address validation can be completed through DaZzle once the label information is passed from Shipbridge to DaZzle for printing. Enabling address validation in DaZzle will result in the failure to update your order shipping status and tracking information in Sellercloud unless the following steps are taken. 

  1. Go to DaZzle > Menu > Preferences. dazzle select preferences
  2. Go to the Address Verification tab on the Preferences & Options window > Click the Advanced button.address verification tab
  3. Check Silent Mode. This is important because, if left unchecked, then DaZzle will require you to click OK after each address verification, which prevents data from being sent back to Shipbridge. silent mode

Rubber Stamp 

DaZzle has a feature called Rubber Stamps, which allows shippers to add custom order-related information or messages to the shipping label layout files. Shipbridge can populate values into rubber stamps. The following rubber stamps are available:

Rubber Stamp NumberExplanation
Rubber Stamp 1SKUs of all items 
Rubber Stamp 2Order ID 
Rubber Stamp 3Number of unique items (empty if only 1) 
Rubber Stamp 4Order source order ID 
Rubber Stamp 5Order source 
Rubber Stamp 6Station ID 
Rubber Stamp 7Total number of items 
Rubber Stamp 8-15Product qty, SKU, Name 
Rubber Stamp 16User ID 
Rubber Stamp 20Location note 
The Sellercloud order number is also included as the Reference ID, so it is visible in the DaZzle postage log.

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