Best Buy 1P Account Integration


In this article, you will learn how to link your Best Buy and Sellercloud accounts to post products, manage listings, and enable automatic updates.

Integrate with Best Buy

Sellercloud integrates with Best Buy using a VAN to transmit EDI documents.
  1. Go to Settings > Companies > Manage Companies > Select a company > Toolbox > BestBuy General Settings.
  2. Click Edit > Go to BestBuy General Settings.
  3. Fill in your credentials provided by BestBuy.
  4. Check BestBuy Enabled.
  5. Go to FTP Settings and fill out related FTP credentials. These use VAN credentials.
  6. Check BestBuy FTP Use Secure (SSH).
  7. Click Save.
  8. Click Actions > Test FTP Credentials.
  9. Check Enable Order Download, Enable Tracking Export, and Enable Inventory Upload when you are ready to go live with the channel.

Best buy enabled

Best Buy Settings Explained

You can configure the following settings on the Best Buy General Settings page:

Best Buy Settings Page

BestBuy Enabled Makes products available for Best Buy listing.
BestBuy Seller ID Enter the seller ID code from Best Buy here.
Participating Party Provided by Best Buy.
Participating Party Name Provided by Best Buy.
BestBuy Partner ID Provided by Best Buy.
Partner Name Provided by Best Buy.
Vendor/Merchant ID Provided by Best Buy.
BestBuy FTP Use Secure (SSH) Select this option to use Secure Shell (SSH) FTP protocol.
BestBuy FTP Server Address of the FTP server. BoldVan VAN FTP URL
BestBuy FTP Username BoldVan VAN Customer Mailbox ID.
BestBuy FTP Password BoldVan VAN Customer Mailbox password.
BestBuy FTP Port The port of the FTP server.
Use Passive Select this option to connect to the server in passive mode.
Upload FTP Server Address of the FTP server for information upload.
Upload FTP Username Enter username.
Upload FTP Password Enter password.
Confirm Password Re-enter the password to confirm.
Folder FTP Upload Folder for FTP upload files.
FTP Root – Orders Choose default folder for orders.
FTP Root – Inventory Choose default folder for inventory.
FTP Root – Fulfillment Choose default folder for tracking and shipping information.
Safety Qty
The number of items that will not be set to the channel in order to prevent overselling.
Default Qty Use this option for replenishable products to set a default number of items that will always be available on the channel.
Ignore Tax On Orders Enable this setting to ignore taxes on orders.
Enable Prices Upload Enable this setting to let Best Buy upload prices.
Enable Inventory Upload Enable this setting to let Best Buy upload inventory information from Sellercloud.
Enable Invoice Upload Enable this setting to let invoice upload to Sellercloud.
Enable Order Download Enable this setting to let Best Buy orders be downloaded to Sellercloud.
Enable Order Functional Acknowledgement Enable this setting to receive a FA document for the order.
Enable Order Acknowledgement Enable this setting to allow written confirmation that the order has been booked or received.
Enable Order Fullfillment Upload Enable this setting to let Best Buy upload tracking and shipping date from Sellercloud.
Delete FTP Files After Processing Enable this to automatically delete FTP files after processing.

Sellercloud offers full integration with BestBuy, an American multinational consumer electronics corporation. The integration uses Commerce Hub FTP and EDI documents to transfer the information.

Please note that this is BestBuy first-party integration.

Best Buy Integration

  1. Choose a company that will be integrated with this channel and Select BestBuy > General Settings from the Toolbox
  2. The first fields should be filled with information provided by BestBuy. This includes BestBuy Seller ID, BestBuy Partner ID, BestBuy Participating Party, BestBuy Partner Name, BestBuy Vendor/Merchant ID
  3. Enter the CommerceHub FTP credentials in the fields below:
  4. Enable the channel on top – BestBuy Enabled and test the FTP credentials to make sure they are correct.
  5. Enable the automatic feed features on the bottom

Best Buy Product Properties

Once the channel is enabled you can enable the products that will be sent to the channel. Manually this can be done from the product’s Toolbox > BestBuy Properties. You can manually update the quantity and price from the Action Menu or they can be automatically updated if the Inventory and Price uploads are enabled for the channel

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