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Sellercloud helps you to accurately track inventory across your warehouses. You can search product inventory at each individual warehouse as well as view inventory across multiple warehouses.

View Product Inventory

You can customize how inventory is displayed on the Manage Inventory page based on the selected product type: individual, shadow, or kit.

  1. Go to Inventory > Manage Inventory > Add filter.
  2. Select the warehouse.
  3. Select the Inventory Qty type and its range.
  4. Press Search.

View Inventory for a Single SKU

In the results list, you can see the quantity of a regular SKU in the selected warehouses. Qty Available column will show the unreserved inventory in the selected warehouses and will be equal to Physical Qty minus Reserves. The Physical Qty column will show the total product inventory.Inventory Qty range

To view a product’s warehouse inventory, go to Inventory > Manage Inventory > Open a product > Toolbox > Warehouse.
You can select single or multiple products across multiple warehouses and export them: Inventory > Manage Inventory > Select products > Action menu > Export Products (Inventory).

View Inventory for a Shadow SKU

Shadow products share inventory by default. That inventory is combined with all related shadow SKUs. When filtering by Warehouse, as shown below, inventory is displayed individually for each SKU and its respective warehouse.

In the example below, the shadow products TESTINVE and TESTINVE1 are filtered by the warehouses A11A2, and Default Warehouse. The Qty Available column will display the current aggregate quantity only for the related product and its warehouse and will not show the combined inventory in the search results. Physical Quantity will display all units physically available in that warehouse (including reserved inventory). Inventory information is displayed under the Warehouse tab of the product details page for each SKU.

Parent and shadow SKUs inventory

For shadow or shadow parents: When filtering by warehouse, the inventory displayed will be for each individual product, similar to how it is displayed under the Warehouse tab of each product’s details page. The combined inventory among all shadow SKUs will not be shown in this case.

View Inventory for a Kit

If you search by the Kit Parent, zero inventory will show for All Component or Main Component kits because the kit parent doesn’t have inventory of its own, as its values are based on the inventory of its component.
For this reason, in the example provided below, for the ALL_COMP kit, both Qty Available and Physical Qty will show as zero.All component qty

For Independent kits, you can view the inventory of all of their components.Independant kit qty

Inventory Reports

Inventory Value Reports provide a detailed inventory breakdown per product or warehouse. They show the value of your inventory, product aging, unsold inventory, detail the quantity on hand for any given day, and more.

For answers to general questions about using Sellercloud’s Financial Reporting Suite, see the Reports FAQ.

View inventory at each warehouse:

  1. Inventory >  Advanced filter tab
  2. Select warehouse from advanced filters.
  3. Enter an inventory quantity and press Search.
  4. If you do not select a quantity then all products will show, because all products are
    tagged in each warehouse with a quantity of zero. 
  5. Click the Total Units hyperlink.
  6. Export to a spreadsheet from the action menu.
  7. Please note: If you want to determine the exact total value of your inventory, you will need to remove all virtual products, like shadows, from the inventory search.

View product inventory across multiple warehouses:

  • Inventory > Select Product > Product Summary page.
    View warehouse panel.
View single or multiple product inventories across multiple warehouses and export to Excel:
  • Inventory > Select Products >  Export Warehouse Inventory from Action Menu.

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