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In this article, you will learn about Sellercloud’s Sales Rep Commission report. This report calculates the commission earned by sales representatives based on their set commission rate and the profit of each order. 

The report can also take into account a Sales Rep Cost, which is an optional additional percentage added to the cost of an item to account for external costs such as warehousing fees. 

The commission is calculated by subtracting the total costs (including the Sales Rep Cost) from the total payments and then multiplying that number by the sales rep’s commission rate. The report also allows for multiple sales reps on one order, with the commission being divided among them.

You can generate the report based on:

  • Date range: Date Range, Payment From Date, and Payment To Date.
  • Sales information: Sales Rep, Transaction Type, and Order Number.
A sales rep can be added to a manually created order.

Access and Customize the Report

To use the report, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Reports > Sales > Show more > Sales Rep Commission.
  2. Set up the Filter Options to have the report show precisely what you need.
  3. Click Run Report.
  4. To export the report to a spreadsheet, click the Export to Excel icon.
  5. To create a scheduled task that automatically runs this report periodically, click the Schedule a task to run this report icon.

Filter and Column Definitions

Click the drop-downs below for filter and column descriptions.

Filter Options
Date RangeView sales commission info for specific preset date ranges.
Payment From DateView sales commission info for a custom preset date – enter the From date.
Payment To DateView sales commission info for a custom preset date – enter the To date.
Sales RepView sales commission info for a specific sales rep.
Transaction TypeFilter sales commissions by credits or debits.
Order #View sales commission info for one or more specific orders.
Orders StatusView info filtered by order status – select between Settled order only or All Orders.
Report Data
Order #Shows the Sellercloud order number.
Transaction TypeShows the transaction type – Debit or Credit.
Transaction DateShows the date of the transaction.
Sales Rep CostSome businesses add a percentage to the purchasing cost of an item to account for external costs. This added percentage is calculated to create a special Sales Rep Cost. The sales rep cost will be used in calculating the commission:

  • Example: The commission rate is 5%, and the Sales Rep Cost is 4%. If the order total is $200 and the item cost is $100, that should equal a profit of $100. However, the Sales Rep Cost adds 4% to the item cost = $104. Therefore, the profit is adjusted to $96, and the commission equals $4.
You can enable the Sales rep cost by going to Client Settings > Enable Salesman Cost.
Shipping IncomeShipping amount charged to the customer.
Shipping FeeThe amount paid for shipping the order.
Grand TotalShows the total amount of the order, calculated as follows: (Subtotal + Shipping Total + Handling + Insurance + Gift Wrap + Tax) – (Discount + Shipping Discount).
Total ProfitShows the total profit from the order, calculated as follows: (Payments – Shipping Total – Handling Fee – Insurance – Gift Wrap – Tax – Refunds) – ((Items Cost * @salesmancostPercent) + Items Cost)
Sales Rep ProfitShows the sales rep commission, based on a percentage set per employee. You can set the sales rep commission rate by going to Employees > Employee > General Information > Sales Man Commission.

The sales rep profit is calculated against the order profit as follows: 

  • For one sales rep on order: Profit (above) * Sales Man Commission (from the employee setting).
  • For two sales reps on order: The same equation is applied, and the sales rep profit is divided in half.
To allow multiple sales reps on order, go to Client Settings > Enable Multiple Sales Reps. Sales reps and their unique commission rates can be configured on the Sales Representatives page – go to Order Detail > Action Menu.
Sales RepShows the email address of the sales rep.
Sales Rep 2
Shows the email address of the second sales rep.

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