Safety Quantity


The Safety Quantity serves as a buffer between the amount of inventory you have and the amount Sellercloud sends to the channel. This helps prevent the overselling of items in high demand. Safety Quantity is used to subtract a specified amount from the available quantity. For example, if there are 5 units available and the Safety Quantity is 1, only 4 will be sent to the channel. Each channel has a default company level Safety Quantity which can be used to apply a default value across all products for that channel, and a product level Safety Quantity where you can configure unique values per product.

Another option is to configure warehouse-based preferences. This is typically used to determine how much inventory from a specific warehouse is sent to the channel. You can learn more about the alternative ways to control how inventory is sent to different channels here: Channel Warehouse, Channel Warehouse Mapping, Replenishable.

Safety Quantity Defaults on a Company level

The company level Safety Quantity can be used to apply a default value across all products for that channel. To do that:

  1. Go to Settings > Company > Manage Companies > Open a company.
  2. Navigate to Toolbox > Defaults.
  3. Enable the Safety Qty Use Default checkboxes for your desired channel/s and enable the Channel Enabled box. This will enforce the default values on your products.
    Any products created prior to enabling the above settings will have to be updated manually using the steps provided below. Products created after the settings were enabled will have their default values applied automatically.
  4. From the Toolbox, navigate to either:
    1. Defaults and set a Safety Quantity for the available channels or to
    2. Channels > Select a channel > General Settings.
  5. Set your desired Safety Quantity > Save.

Safety Quantity per Product

You can set safety quantities on products individually or in bulk. To override the default Safety Quantity on a product level, follow the steps below.


  1. Go to Catalog > Manage Catalog > Open a product.
  2. From the Toolbox, go to Channels > Select the desired Channel Properties page.
    The image shows the channel properties pages.
  3. Click on Edit.
  4. Populate the Safety Qty field with your desired value. Ensure that the Use default checkbox is disabled.
  5. Save.

In Bulk

  1. Go to Catalog > Manage Catalog > Tools > Import Product Info > Bulk Product Update.
  2. Generate a template with the Safety Quantity and the Safety Quantity Use Default columns.
  3. Populate the fields and import the file back to Sellercloud.
    Note: All Safety Quantity Use Default columns accept values of True and False. To use the default Company level Safety Quantity the value of this column must be True. This also negates the need to populate specific Safety Quantity values as the default will be used instead. To use a different Safety Quantity than the default one, the value of this column must be False and a Safety Quantity must be specified.

Replenishable Products and Safety Quantity

On the channel’s page, there are two safety quantity settings — one for regular products and one for replenishable products. Typically, Safety Quantity can be set to 0 for replenishable products because there are no specific inventory restrictions.The image shows the Replenishable and the regular Safety Qty.

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