FBA Returns and Reimbursements Overview


This article will teach you about Sellercloud’s FBA Returns and Reimbursements reports. These reports facilitate the process of reconciling FBA refunds with returns and reimbursements.

They reconcile data from the following Amazon reports into a single report to give you the balance:

  • FBA refunds are recorded on the Settlement report
  • Returns are recorded on the Returns report
  • Reimbursements are recorded on the Reimbursement report

For more information about Sellercloud’s Financial Reporting Suite, see the Reports FAQ.

Key Details

Note the following key details about these reports:

  • The Total Credits column shows the amount refunded to the customer. The reports reconcile the Total Credits against the Reimbursed Amount and the Quantity Returned columns to give you a balance. If you have a balance, you can contact Amazon to learn why something hasn’t been reimbursed or returned.
  • Sometimes Amazon reimburses in installments. They may also reimburse for the item cost rather than the refunded amount. Note that Sellercloud can’t determine if Amazon considers an order closed or if they are still processing the return/reimbursement.

FBA Returns and Reimbursements Reports

There are two different FBA Returns and Reimbursements reports:

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