Repricing Products and Integration with Repricers Overview


Repricing is the process of adjusting product prices. It can be based on a specific strategy, usually in response to various factors like market conditions, competition, demand, and profitability. It involves periodically reassessing and modifying prices to be competitive and on top of the current market dynamics.

Repricers are powerful tools that help you stay competitive, maximize profits, and thrive in e-commerce. They automatically adjust product prices based on competitors’ prices, market demand, and seller-defined strategies.

As a Sellercloud user, you can reprice your products with fixed rules or integrate third-party repricer services. There are many available options, and new ones can be custom-made upon request.

Custom Calculations

Sellercloud can reprice items based on fixed rules, such as a profit margin. You can add such rules through Custom Price Calculations

For example, a custom pricing calculation rule may always keep the selling price 30 percent above the item cost or even 30 percent more than the total cost, including the shipping. If the item cost changes, the price will adjust accordingly. Click the linked article above for more information and examples.

Repricer Integrations

These are some of the top repricers you can integrate with Sellercloud:

  • ChannelMax – an Amazon repricer that uses algorithmic logic to maximize the BuyBox percentage. It includes Amazon Business Pricing, repricing for Amazon Private labels, and other options. They also offer repricing for Walmart Marketplace with limited features. Learn more about the ChannelMax Integration.
  • – a repricing platform that helps you change product prices on Amazon and Walmart Marketplace. You can adjust prices based on a wide variety of automated repricing strategies, from AI-powered algorithms to completely customizable strategies. Learn more about the Integration.
  • Seller Snap – an AI-based repricing tool for Amazon that helps you change your product prices in real time based on your competitors’ pricing strategies, sales data, and other market factors. Learn more about the Seller Snap Integration.
  • Flashpricer – another tool for Amazon and Walmart Marketplace. Flashpricer offers accurate data, customizable strategies, perfect profit protection, automatic price reset, and private label and multichannel support. They are also working on adding support for Shopify and Google Shopping. Learn more about the Flashpricer Integration

Sellercloud also has a built-in Walmart Repricer to help you with the Walmart Buy Box. This repricer only lowers the price and never raises it. It automatically retrieves the current buy box prices and attempts to reprice your listing one cent lower. When the current sale price exceeds the BuyBoxPrice + Shipping, the new Walmart price becomes BuyBoxPrice + Shipping – $0.01.

This is not an exhaustive list of the available repricing tools and there may be additional repricers that are compatible with Sellercloud. Request a custom-made integration with a third-party repricing service by contacting Sellercloud Support.

Amazon Compliance

Amazon may require you not to undercut your prices on other channels. They may suspend you if they discover you are selling the same item for less on a different channel. This can make it challenging to work with repricers because, for example, your price on eBay may be lowered to beat an eBay competitor, while the price on Amazon may remain at a higher price.

You can configure your Sellercloud account to automatically update your products’ Site Prices to match the Amazon Listing Price. Navigate to Settings > Company Amazon General Settings > Enable Update SitePrice based on Amazon price. This way, when the repricer updates the listing price directly on Amazon, Sellercloud will update the Site Price internally as well, based on the information from the Active Listings Report.


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