Replenishable Products


This feature is helpful for SKUs that are consistently restocked or tend to restock quickly. It allows your listings to remain active and prevents you from missing out on potential sales, especially for hot-selling products. Marking products as Replenishable allows you to:

  • Sell a specific item regardless of the available quantity
  • Ensure available inventory is sent to keep the listings active even if the items are out of stock

Set Products as Replenishable

You can set products as replenishable manually or in bulk.


Open a product and select Inventory > Edit > Check Replenishable under the Inventory panel > Save. sellercloud delta interface mark product as replenishable

Open a product > Check Replenishable > Save Product.sellercloud alpha replenishable

In Bulk

You can use a Bulk Update to update the Replenishable field. Use the column header Replenishable and the values True or False.


  1. When updating various channels, Sellercloud sends a fixed quantity for Replenishable products, so it consistently shows a specific available quantity. (The Replenishable status works in correlation with Default Qty.)
  2. Once the product reaches a zero quantity, Sellercloud will send positive inventory to channels. The amount sent will be defined by a field called Default Qty.

    While some channels have a Default Qty field, others (such as eBay and Amazon) will have a different name for Default Qty:

    • eBay will look at the value in the Fixed Price Quantity field
    • Amazon will use the Fixed Quantity setting on the Amazon Properties page
    • Other channels will have the field listed as Default Qty
  3. If Default Qty is not specified and inventory quantity reaches 0, Sellercloud will send an inventory of 1 to the channel for products marked as Replenishable.

When set to Replenishable, the Safety Quantity is ignored.


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