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Sellercloud helps you create associations between products by adding Related Products to a product profile. These associations are only internal within Sellercloud to reference similar products. If you need to link inventory between related products when updating channel listings, you may refer to Sellercloud Support Team for a custom plugin. In this article, you will learn more about creating and managing your related products.

  1. Navigate to Catalog > Manage Catalog.
  2. Open the product you want to add related products to.
  3. Click Toolbox, and select Related Products.
  4. In the upper right, click Edit.
  5. Click the plus icon in the Related Products panel.
    Add Related Products
  6. Search for the requested products and select them once they appear.
  7. Click Add Selected to continue searching related items. If finished, click Add & Close.
    Add and Close Related Products popup
  8. Click Save to update your related products.
  9. To display the list of all related products of the SKU, select Related Products from that SKU’s Toolbox.View Related Products List
  10. To remove related products, click the bin icon next to the desired SKU, or on the top to remove all selected products.
    Related Products Remove Icon
  11. Save the changes.

Sellercloud allows you to import related products in bulk via a file upload.

  1. Access Catalog > Tools > Import Product Info.
  2. Select the Import Related Products option.Import Related Products
  3. If you need to generate a pre-configured template, click the Download icon on the top right and choose the desired format. Use the following column headers: ProductID, RelatedProductID.
    Generate Template for Related Products import
  4. Attach the appropriate file.
  5. Click Import.
To delete related items for multiple products, use the following column headers in the import file: ProductID, RelatedProductID, Action. Enter DELETE into the Action column for SKUs you want to remove. You can export a list of these products in order to save time by following the instructions below.

To download related products for single or multiple SKUs, follow the steps described below.

  1. Access Catalog > Manage Catalog.
  2. Select the SKU(s) the related products of which you want to export.
  3. In the bottom right, click the Actions menu icon, and select Export Products (Catalog).Export Products Catalog Option
  4. In the dialog box that appears, click the Standard option, and select Related Products in the dropdown list.
  5. Click Export.Export Related Products Dialog Box
  6. A Queued Job will be scheduled. Once it is processed, you can download the file from there.

Products can be configured as “related” to other products. This is typically used as an internal reference that can be used for looking up similar products. You will not be able to scan and ship a related product. You can scan and ship a replacement product. However, using a custom calc/plugin, inventory can be pulled from related products to update a listing on a channel. The custom inventory calculation can be created by the Sellercloud Development team and is subject to customization rates.

  1. Open a product detail page.
  2. Open toolbox and scroll down to Related Products.
  3. Press Add Product.
  4. Search for one or multiple products in the search window.
  5. Select them and add as related products.
  6. Both products will have the other product in their related products page.

  1. Navigate Inventory > Import Product Info >Import Related Products.
  2. Download the template.
  3. Populate and Import.

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