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Purchase Orders can be received within Sellercloud or via the standalone Receivebridge app. This allows you to verify and receive items and quantities against Receiving Sessions and updates the product’s inventory once the quantity received is specified. Learn how to use Receivebridge for POs and RMAs. Payments can be applied to Purchase Orders before or after the PO is received. To learn more about managing PO Payments, refer to the PO Payments article.

Receive a PO

  1. Access Purchasing > Manage POs.
  2. Open the Purchase Order for the items you want to receive.
  3. In the upper right, click Actions, and select the Receive Shipment option.Note, that to receive a whole PO, the Receive Whole PO option is used. This will skip the verification step on product quantities, and the PO status will be set to Received.
  4. On the Session Details panel, provide invoice details on the current Receive Session.
  5. In the Qty to Rec. text box, indicate the number of received items for each PO line.
  6. Select the Warehouse the received items are delivered to. Note: Receiving items to a bin-enabled warehouse should be done via the Skustack application.
  7. At the top, click the Receive Items button.
  8. If the received products require serial numbers, you should add the serials associated with the units received. To do that, select Serial Numbers from the respective product’s Toolbox. For more information on serials, refer to Managing Serial Numbers.

Manage Receiving Sessions

You can manage Receiving Sessions on delivery of purchased products directly from the associated PO page or from the Vendor profile.

Display Receiving Sessions

To view all Inventory Receives associated with a particular Purchase Order, follow the steps below.

  1. Access Purchasing > Manage POs.
  2. Open the Purchase Order that you want to display Receiving Sessions for.
  3. Click Toolbox, and select Receiving.
  4. Alternatively, all vendor-related Receiving Sessions are available under vendor’s Toolbox > Receive Sessions.

Add Receiving Sessions

To add a new Receiving Session, click the plus icon on the Receive Sessions panel.


Import Receiving Sessions

  1. From the requested PO’s Toolbox, select Receiving.
  2. In Edit mode, click the Upload icon in the upper-right of the Receiving Sessions panel.
  3. To download a sample template, select the appropriate file format, and click the download icon.
  4. Populate the following columns: ID (reflects the item’s line ID in a PO), ProductID, QtyReceived. Save the file.
  5. Return to the Receive Sessions upload. Select the appropriate file, and click Next.
  6. In the Receive Session dialog box that appears, fill out the fields regarding quantities received and location where the product was accepted. Click Save.

Delete Receiving Sessions

You are not allowed to edit or delete Receiving Sessions for bin-enabled warehouses. Instead, use the Skustack app to edit receivings. For regular warehouses:
  1. From the requested PO’s Toolbox, select Receiving.
  2. To remove a Receive Session(s), select it in the Receiving Sessions panel, then click three dots in the top right, and select Remove Receivings.

If units in a session have serial numbers, you should remove them before this session deletion. For more information on serials, refer to Managing Serial Numbers.

Export Receiving Sessions

You can also export the Receive Session(s) data by selecting the relevant option from the Actions menu on the Receive Sessions panel. The Print Labels option will initiate printing product labels for the SKUs in the current Receive Session.

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