Product History Records


Sellercloud allows you to view the edit history of each product from the catalog. All the changes made to a product are logged in the Change Log which is available in a separate tab on the product’s Toolbox bar.

Access the Product Change Log

To see details on changes made to a particular product in Sellercloud, follow the steps described below.

  1. Navigate to Catalog > Manage Catalog.
  2. Use the search function, and open the requested product.
  3. Click Toolbox, and select Change Log in the drop-down list.Product Change Log
  4. From the change log grid, you can filter your search using the Add Filter + button and apply the filters with the Search button.

View Details of Logged Changes

Log IDDisplays the unique identifier of a particular change log record
Log TimeDisplays the date and time when a particular change occurred
Changed ByDisplays the user who made the change. Populated with the employee’s email if the edits made manually. If not, the column is empty.
ApplicationDisplays the app used to make a change. For example, CoreWebAdmin will appear if a user makes changes within the Sellercloud website. Skustack or Shipbridge will appear if a change is made in the application itself. Most others are normally services running on the backend.
Property NameDisplays the column that was changed
Original ValueDisplays the old value of the column before the change occurred
New ValueDisplays the new value of the column after the change/edit occurred
URLDisplays the URL where the change event occurred

Whenever any product property is edited, a history record is created recording who made the change and when.

This history log can be viewed on the property level by clicking the + next to a specific field. For example, if you want to see changes to the InventoryAvailableQty you can click the + and it will pop up a new page with the changes made to that.

Similarly, all history of changes to a product can be viewed together by clicking the History menu item on a specific product.

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