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In this article, you will learn about creating product conditions for different channels and assigning them to your products in Sellercloud.

Create Product Conditions

Sellercloud’s Product Conditions feature allows you to configure a product’s Condition Name. Once configured, you can choose the different channel conditions it will stand for.

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To create a new Product Condition:

  1. Go to Settings > Products > Conditions.
  2. Tap the + icon Add Profile at the top-right corner of the Product Conditions panel.
  3. Enter the Condition Name and map the marketplace product conditions > Save. You can also add a Sort Order and a Condition Note.

From the Product Conditions page, you can also edit (Edit product condition > Save) and delete (Delete row > Confirm) conditions:
conditions delta

  • To display conditions on the product home page, go to Settings > Products > Select Enable Product Condition Display.
  • You can also select an existing condition to be displayed for new products by default: Go to Settings > General Client Settings > Catalog > Select a Default Condition.

Assign Product Conditions

You can easily assign product conditions to products, either manually or in bulk.


  1. Go to Catalog > Manage Catalog > Open a product > Edit.
  2. In the General panel > Select a condition from the drop-down menu > Save.The image shows the Condition drop-down menu.

Bulk Update

  1. Go to Catalog > Tools > Import Product Info.
  2. Click on Bulk Product Update > Generate Template.
  3. If you create a new template, use the column header ProductConditionInHouse. You can bulk update it with the Condition Name or Condition ID.
  4. Download and populate your template > Upload.
    Note: You can use the same column header in a Custom Export to export the selected product conditions.


In this article, you can learn more about product conditions and ways to configure them in Sellercloud.

Understand product conditions

A product condition is the category name of a product that includes conditions specific to Amazon, eBay,, Newegg, Sears, and Reverb. For example, a condition New can include a condition Brand New.

Configure product conditions

To configure product conditions:

  1. Select Enable product condition display in the Client Settings. Under the Client Setting Enable product condition display, there is a drop-down to choose a Default Condition.enable condition alpha sellercloud
  2. If a product has a different condition than the Default Condition, you can choose the appropriate condition on the product’s home page. Navigate to Settings > Product Conditions > Add Product Condition.add condition alpha
  3. Enter the Condition Name and map the marketplace product conditions. You can also
    add a Condition Note.
To bulk update, use the column header ProductConditionInHouse. You can bulk-update with
the Condition Name or Condition ID.

Search by condition

In the Advanced Search tab on the Manage Inventory page, you can filter search results by

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