Post Sellercloud Products to Quickbooks


When posting invoices or purchase orders to QuickBooks, the items must be created and mapped in QuickBooks. If items aren’t created and mapped, the information will post to a default account.

Posting products through QuickBooks also works if you need to map products to existing accounts. This could be for products with mappings for Item Type, COGS, Income, and Asset Accounts.

In QuickBridge, you can use date range filter options to search for products. You can search by:

  • Product— Will return any products created within the specified date range
  • Order Item— Will return products on orders within the specified date range
  • Purchase Item— Will return products on Purchase Orders within the specified date range
You can also search by individual SKUs or SKU lists.

Post Sellercloud products from QuickBridge

  1. Click File > Post Sellercloud Products to QuickBooks.
  2. Enter your Product Filters > Get Products.sellercloud quickbridge quickbooks get products
  3. Select all relevant products in the grid.
  4. Go to Product Account Mappings. Select the Item Type, COGS Account, Income Account, and Asset Account.
  5. When finished, click Post Products.sellercloud quickbridge post products to sellercloud


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