Overstock Product Properties Overview


This article focuses on the different settings and actions available on the Overstock Properties page and explains them in detail.

Product Fields Explained

To open the Overstock Properties page, go to Catalog > Manage Catalog > Open a product > Toolbox > Overstock Properties. The following options are present on it:

General Panel
EnabledEnables the product on Overstock.
Merchant SKUAlternate SKU used per-channel for communicating a product to that corresponding channel.
Product IDAn Overstock product identifier.
Option SKUVariation child SKU
Inventory Panel
Available QtyThe inventory quantity available for sale: the physical quantity in all sellable warehouses, minus unshipped orders and reserves.
Channel QtyThe channel inventory quantity available for sale.
Safety Qty
Enter a quantity to subtract from the Avail. Qty to help prevent overselling. Alternatively, enable Default to pull Safety Qty from the company-wide Overstock settings (Settings > Companies > Manage Companies > Select a company > Toolbox > Overstock General Settings). Default will override the value in the Safety Qty field.
Fixed QtyQuantity shown on Overstock when listing
Enable Max QtyEnable if you want to use Max Qty.
Max QtySpecifies the maximum units sent to the channel. Alternatively, select Default to pull Max Qty from the company-wide Overstock settings (Settings > Companies > Manage Companies Select a company > Toolbox > Overstock General Settings). Default overrides the value in the Max Qty field.
Pricing Panel
Retail PriceThe retail price of the product.
Channel PriceAllows you to set a different price specific for Overstock. You can also check the Default box to use the default Site Price.
Suggested PriceThe suggested price of the product.
MSRPThe manufacturer’s suggested retail price.
MSRP Sales Loc.Local MSRP
Cost (Current)Current cost of the item
Shipping Panel
Source Zip CodeZip code of the ship from WH
Ship ModeYou can select from Lightweight, LTL, and Small Parcel.
Fulfillment TimeAllows you to select a fulfillment time for the product’s shipping from the drop-down menu.
Shipping CarrierAllows you to select a shipping carrier from the drop-down menu.
ExpeditableTRUE / FALSE
Assembly RequiredCheck the box if the product requires professional assistance for assembly and installation.
Sell InternationallyCheck the box if you want to sell the item internationally.
Listing Details Panel
Product TitleMultiple titles can exist for a given product, but there can be only one top title, which is used as the default title for fixed-priced listings.
DescriptionLong description for Overstock.
Option DescriptionVariation child description.
Short NameA shortened version of the title for Overstock.
CategoryAllows you to set a predefined category.
Country of OriginSelects a country of origin.
ConditionYou can select New or Refurbished.
BrandAllows you to select a brand.
MaterialAllows you to specify a material.
Warranty ProviderYou can choose between Distributor, Manufacturer, and No Warranty.
Warranty DescriptionDescription of the warranty.
Warranty Contact PhoneThe contact phone for warranty-related issues.
Warranty LenghtAllows you to set the warranty length of the product.
Channel Images Panel
ImagesRecommended size 501 x 501 pixels. Maximum 1900 x 1900 pixels. Square aspect ratio.

Actions Explained

From the Actions menu at the top-right corner on the Overstock Properties page, you can perform the following actions:

  • Revise Inventory — Updates inventory on Overstock.
  • Get Overstock SKU and Option SKU — Updates the Overstock SKU and the Option SKU.
  • Connect/Disconnect to Inventory — Connects or disconnects the inventory.

The image shows the actions on the Overstock Properties page.


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