Overstock Orders Overview


With Sellercloud, you can update order information for Overstock from a single platform. In this article, you will learn how to cancel, refund, and monitor the status of your Overstock orders. You will also learn how to customize shipping methods using Sellercloud’s shipping method mapping tool.

Automate Order Download and Tracking Upload

To automate the order download and tracking upload operations for Overstock, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings > Companies > Manage Companies > Select a company > Toolbox > Channels > Overstock > General Settings Edit.
  2. Check the boxes Enable Order Download and Enable Order Fulfillment Upload. This will trigger our OverstockService to download orders in a short time interval and later export order tracking and ship date back to the channel.

Order Settings

If you use Shipbridge to fulfill your Overstock orders, you may need to disable the setting Use Overstock.com return address for all Overstock orders in Menu > Options > Shipping. It is a new requirement not to have overstock.com printed on the shipping label, and this setting controls that.

Shipping Method Mapping

Sellercloud’s Shipping Method Mapping tool allows you to easily customize shipping for each channel integrated with your account. When orders are downloaded into Sellercloud, the shipping method chosen by the customer will be imported as well.

  1. Go to Settings > Companies > Manage Companies > Select a company > Toolbox > Channels > Overstock Shipping Method Mapping.
  2. Click Edit > Go to Shipping Method > Choose your desired shipping method option from the dropdown menu.
  3. Go to Code to Send > Choose code from the dropdown menu.
  4. Check the Rush Service setting if orders using this shipping method will be rushed.
  5. Click Save.

Overstock Shipping Method Mapping

Manage Overstock Orders

You can only cancel an Overstock order before it is marked Ship Confirmed. If it’s Ship Confirmed you must issue a refund. If the item is being returned to your warehouse, use the RMA process instead.

Cancel Overstock Orders

  1. Go to Orders > Manage Orders > Open the order that needs to be cancelled.
  2. On the Order Detail page, select Actions > Cancel Order.
  3. On the new page, select the cancellation reason, mark the items due for cancellation, and click Overstock Cancel Order.The image shows the cancel order page.


Refund Overstock Orders

If the item is being returned to your warehouse, the correct workflow would be to use the RMA process, where a refund can also be issued. If the item is not being returned, issue a refund as described below:

  1. Go to Orders > Manage Orders > Open a completed order > Actions menu > Issue Refund.
  2. Confirm the amount being refunded, add notes, set the other settings to your liking, and press Refund. Line item refunds and partial refunds are allowed.
  3. Sellercloud will submit this refund information to Overstock and adjust the payment status of the order.
    The image shows the Houzz's Refund page.

Overstock Backorders

To send Backorder information to Overstock, you need to enable Send Backorder Information on the company’s Overstock General Settings page. When enabled, we will send inventory for out-of-stock products following these rules:

  • If the OnOrder quantity of the product is > 0, and the expected delivery date is set to a date in the future, then Sellercloud will send the quantity on order and the specified expected delivery date automatically.
  • If there is an OnOrder quantity but no expected delivery date set, Sellercloud will send the quantity on order and the expected delivery date will be set to one month in the future.
  • If there is no OnOrder quantity and no expected delivery date, Sellercloud will send the quantity as zero.

Shipping Containers

If your workflow includes Shipping Containers, you need to enable the Enable Shipping Containers for PO Client Setting in Sellercloud. When this setting is enabled, we will send the Qty On Order and Estimated Arrival Date fields of a container as backorder information instead of the Qty On Order and Estimated Delivery Date fields of Purchase Orders.


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