Order Fulfillment Overview


Sellercloud makes it easy to fulfill your orders with features like picklists, scan and ship, automated tracking number retrieval, and more. Additionally, third-party logistics that integrate with Sellercloud enhance and streamline your fulfillment workflows. See the topics below for a detailed explanation of Sellercloud’s fulfillment process.

First-Party Logistics


The feature generates a summarized list of product quantities needed to fill selected orders. Picklists facilitate accurate picking, packing, and shipping. You can automate their generation via plugins or scheduled tasks. Refer to the following articles for more details:

  • Manually generate and manage Picklists.
  • Automate the execution and recurrence of routine processes through Scheduled Tasks.


Order fulfillment and other shipping tasks are typically handled within Sellercloud’s Shipbridge application. This powerful tool helps you manage various aspects of your shipping operations. You can:

You can also process orders using Sellercloud’s web interface.

Track Delivery

Sellercloud’s integrated shipping carriers (USPS, FedEx, and UPS) track the delivery status using the tracking number for each package. Refer to the following article for more details:

Third-Party Logistics

Sellercloud integrates with major third-party logistics providers so you can take advantage of their fulfillment services.


Dropship an order from a vendor directly to a consumer within Sellercloud’s interface. This removes the need for picking, packing, shipping, and managing your inventory.

Additional Resources

  • Skustack – Sellercloud’s warehouse management system helps you organize your storage facility, accurately track inventory and its location within your warehouse down to the shelf, and oversee daily activities.
  • Skublox – Shipping the right items to your customers is a crucial aspect of day-to-day warehouse operations. Skublox simplifies your sorting workflow and reduces fulfillment errors.
  • 4D Scale – Capture the weight of every new product entering your warehouse during the receiving process, or quickly weigh and measure box dimensions to calculate shipping rates for your fulfillment operations.

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