Order Confirmation Workflow


Depending on your preferences and operational setup, you can include an extra verification step in your fulfillment workflow to mark orders as Confirmed or UnConfirmed in Sellercloud. This is especially helpful if you want to review the order details before sending them to your shippers. The Confirmed status of your orders can be modified either manually or automatically.

Mark Orders Confirmed

When you enable the Order Confirmation Workflow, all of your orders will be set to UnConfirmed by default. In this case, either a user with sufficient Permissions, an Order Rule, or a Plugin must mark them as Confirmed. Based on your company’s Shipping Preferences, you can also choose to only allow orders marked as Confirmed to go into Shipbridge

Enable Order Confirmation Workflow must be enabled in Client Settings General Client Settings > Orders > Advanced. Enabling this option will set the default status of all orders to UnConfirmed.


To confirm a single order:

  1. Navigate to Orders > Manage Orders.
  2. Click on an order to access its Order Details Page.
  3. Go to Actions > select Set Confirmed.

To confirm multiple orders:

  1. Navigate to Orders Manage Orders.
  2. Select your desired orders from the grid > Actions > select Update Order Status.
  3. Set the Is Confirmed status to True and click Update. This works for both single and multiple orders.


You can set up a Rule in the Order Rule Engine that will update the Confirmed status based on certain criteria. To do that:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Orders > Rule Engine > Manage Rules.
  2. Click on the + icon to create a new Rule.
  3. Set your desired criteria in the Conditions tab of the Wizard.
  4. In the Actions tab, click on the + icon to add a new action.
  5. Enter an Action Name.
  6. In the Action Type dropdown, select Change Order Status.
  7. In the Order Statuses dropdown, select Is Confirmed.
  8. Choose your desired value in the Is Confirmed dropdown (i.e. True or False).
  9. Click Save.


Enable Order Confirmation WorkflowEnables the Order Confirmation workflow. If this setting is not enabled, none of the other options will take effect, and the actions will not be visible.
Allow shipping authorized and confirmed orders onlyShipping within the Sellercloud User Interface is only permitted for orders that have been authorized and confirmed.

We recommend you also configure your company’s Shipping Preferences to prevent unconfirmed orders from going into Shipbridge.

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