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The Newegg Product Properties page in Sellercloud enables you to seamlessly manage the data of your Newegg listings. Integrating your Sellercloud account with Newegg allows you to configure various product properties and options. You can add attributes, view inventory, define prices, and much more. Once configured, you can accurately and efficiently Update Your Listings.

This article describes all of the available Newegg product properties in Sellercloud and includes links to related articles for more information. To explore other related topics, refer to our Newegg Category.

See Bulk Update Products to learn how to bulk-update Newegg product properties.

Newegg Product Properties

To access the product properties page, navigate to Catalog > Manage Catalog > open a product > Toolbox > Channels > Properties.

General Panel

EnabledEnabling Newegg for selected products allows Sellercloud to send automatic inventory and price updates to the channel.
Merchant SKUThis field is used to map alternate Newegg SKUs to their corresponding products in Sellercloud.
Newegg Item #This field is used to add a product to an existing listing. If you don’t provide an item number, Newegg may include your product in a listing of their choice, based on the provided product information.
Ready to PostYes or No. If you have an item that is not yet ready to post, hover over the section to see a pop-up that lists the missing attributes required to post the product on Newegg.

Inventory Panel

Channel QtyThis field shows the product’s sellable quantity on Newegg, considering safety, replenishable, and max quantity enabled.
Available QtyDisplays the product’s current available inventory across all sellable warehouses.
ReplenishableEnable for SKUs that are consistently restocked or tend to restock quickly. It keeps your listings active and prevents you from missing out on potential sales.
Safety QtyA quantity to subtract from the product’s Avail Qty to prevent overselling. 

Default – Enable this checkbox to use the safety qty from your Company’s Newegg settings instead.

Max Qty EnabledEnables a maximum quantity to be sent to Newegg regardless of the full quantity.
Inventory Last SentTimestamp of the last inventory update sent to the Newegg channel.

Pricing Panel

Newegg PriceThe price of the product that will be sent to Newegg. You can set a default website price, which will use the site/retail price instead.
Retail PriceThe retail price mirrors the Site/Retail Price from the product home page. 
List PriceThe full price of an item is advertised without taking into account any discounts or special offers.
MAP PriceMinimum advertised price – the lowest price at which a retailer can advertise the product for sale.
Subsidy EnabledEnable and set a subsidy amount for your product. The subsidy amount is the amount credited to the profit and loss.
Subsidy from DateThe date from which the subsidy starts.
Subsidy to DateThe date from which the subsidy ends.
Show Price at Checkout When enabled, Newegg will ask the customer to add an item to the shopping cart and go to the checkout page to view the item’s price. This works regardless of whether MAP has been set on the product.

Shipping Panel

WeightEnter the weight of the product.
Dimensions L/W/HThe package size and dimensions are located on the Product Home page.
Shipping OptionDefault – the item will charge shipping based on how Newegg charges shipping for the item. Free – the item will not charge shipping for the item’s default shipping method.

Listing Details

Product TitleThere is a 255-character limit. If you need to enter a longer title, disable the Client Setting Trim Product Title If Exceeds in Length
Product Description This is a text field that holds the description of the product. There is a 255-character limit.
Item Condition
  • New
  • Refurbished
  • UsedAcceptable
  • UsedGood
  • UsedLikeNew
  • UsedVeryGood
Newegg Canada only accepts New and Refurbished.
You may need approval to list products with a Used condition.
Item Condition DetailEnter detailed notes regarding the condition of the item.
ManufacturerThe manufacturer of the product you post must be configured in Newegg. In your Newegg account, go to the navigation menu > Manage Items > Manufacturer > Add the manufacturer.

The manufacturer must be approved by Newegg and the spelling must match.
Manufacturer SKUA unique number issued by manufacturers to identify individual products.
Min Purchase Quantity Minimum purchase amount per product.
Packs or SetsProducts with the same UPC or manufacturer part number may have different packaging quantities for shipping. 
Industry NameThe product’s main category on Newegg. Newegg categories are updated periodically by Sellercloud Support through API. If you notice a category that is not available in Sellercloud, contact Sellercloud Support.

When bulk updating products with Newegg categories, enter the numeric ID associated with the subcategory.
Sub CategoryThe product’s subcategory on Newegg.
Short DescriptionThe product’s Short Description.
Long DescriptionThe product’s Long Description.
Package Type
  • Retail – Selected by default.
  • OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer

OEM package type refers to the original packaging used by the manufacturer to package their product before it is sold.

Has Prop 65 WarningCheck this box if the product contains harmful chemicals declared in Proposition 65 Compliance.
Configure AttributesConfigure product attributes.

Channel Images

The maximum file size for each image will be 5MB. All images larger than the 5MB limit will fail to process. The image should also be 640 pixels in width x 480 pixels in height.

Volume Discount

The 3-tier calculation for a price adjustment, based on the quantity of that product in the order. Read more about Newegg Products: Volume Discounts.

Manage Newegg Product Fields

You can configure the Newegg Properties of your products individually or in bulk.


You can update the product properties individually by navigating to:

  1. Catalog > Manage Catalog > Open a Product.
  2. Toolbox > Properties.
  3. Click Edit in the upper-right corner.

In Bulk

To bulk update Shopify product properties, go to:

  1. Catalog > Tools > Import Product Info.
  2. Bulk Product Update.
  3. Click on Generate Template.
  4. A Pop-up will appear.
  5. Click on Create New Template.
  6. Choose your desired format from CSV, tab-delimited, or Excel, and click Next.
  7. Choose Columns and click Next.
  8. Click on Download.
  9. Populate the newly downloaded Template and go back to Sellercloud.
  10. Select the template and click Upload.


Access the Action menu by navigating to Catalog > Manage Catalog > Open a product > Toolbox Properties > Actions.

Export for Newegg using APIPosts the product listing to
Update for Newegg using APIUpdates the information for a product already in your item list (does not include updating any pricing field).
Update/Append ImagesUpdates the existing images or adds additional ones to the product’s description.
Replace ImageReplaces existing images with new ones.
Update Inventory/Price using APIUpdates the product’s inventory and price fields.
Update Volume Discounts on NewEgg via APIUpdates the product pricing and discount adjustments on
Disconnect from InventoryDisconnects the inventory of the item from your store. The last sent available quantity value will remain on the channel until the SKU is reconnected.
Manage Int’l PricesConfigure international prices for The country of origin must be specified.
Restrict/Unrestrict for ChannelTemporarily restrict any information for that product to be sent to This includes automatic Inventory and Price updates or even posting on

Bulk Actions

Some of the Newegg-related product actions are also available to perform in bulk. Navigate to:

  1. Catalog > Manage Catalog > Select your products.
  2. Action menu > Choose an action > Select Neweg from the dropdown menu.

Once done, Sellercloud will send information for the selected products to Newegg.

Some of the available Bulk Actions are:

  • Launch on Channel…
  • Enable/Disable For Channel…
  • Update Inventory on Channel
  • Update Prices on Channel
  • Export Channel Missing Information…
  • Export Channel Category Suggestions
  • Update Images On Channel
  • Export Channel Info…
  • Restrict/Unrestrict For Channel
  • End Listing On Channel…

A Queued job will be created and can be reviewed on your Manage Queued Jobs page.

Another option to modify multiple products simultaneously is to use Sellercloud’s Bulk Update tool.

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