NewEgg Documents and Reports


Newegg documents store all communication between Sellercloud and the channel, which includes product posting, inventory, price updates, and tracking information. You can troubleshoot common issues by checking error messages in returned documents that have been sent to Newegg.

View NewEgg Documents and Reports

You can manage NewEgg documents from the company channel page.

  1. Go to Settings > Companies > Manage Companies > select a company.
  2. In Toolbox, select > Documents (API).
    On the Documents (API) page, you can check the general Newegg data, such as whether the report or feed was queried.
    NewEgg API docs
  3. Select > Feeds (API). On the Feeds (API) page, you can find the most useful data for NewEgg and view the following feed updates:NewEgg API feeds
    1. Item Data – item details
    2. Inventory and Price Data – item’s inventory and pricing information
    3. Order Ship Notice Data – order shipment details
    4. Multichannel Order Data – orders fulfilled from other channels
    5. Adding CA Prop 65 – items with California’s Proposition 65 warning
  4. Select > Reports (API). On the Reports (API) page, you can view the following reports list and their status:NewEgg reports
    1. Orders – a list of available orders from the seller’s account
    2. Inventory – a list of seller’s available inventory quantity in pre-defined warehouses
    3. Settlement Summary – summary of payments/refunds/fees from seller’s account by settlement date
    4. Settlement Transactions – a detailed breakdown of transactions during a given settlement period
    5. Price International – a list of items with the price set internationally
    6. Item LookupReportRequest – a list of items available in NewEgg catalog
    7. Orders Voided – summary of the voided orders in the seller’s account
    8. Inventory International – a list of inventory available internationally
    9. Orders SBN – a list of NewEgg’s shipped orders

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