Newegg Business Product Properties Overview


With Sellercloud, you can get the products ready for selling at NewEggBusiness. In this article, you will learn how to integrate your NewEggBusiness and Sellercloud accounts.

Product Fields Explained

Once integrated with NewEggBusiness, Sellercloud allows you to provide the marketplace with specific properties of the products posted. All the information sent to the channel is company-related and configured within the respective Company Settings. The values of all product properties are managed on the NewEggBusiness Properties page.

To open the NewEgg Business Properties page of a particular product, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Catalog Manage Catalog.
  2. Open the requested product.
  3. Click Toolbox, and select NewEgg Business Properties.
  4. Alternatively, you can click the NewEgg Business icon on the Manage Catalog grid (see figure below).NewEgg Business icon
  5. To change any product data, click the Edit option in the upper right corner of the screen. Make the appropriate changes, then click Save.NewEgg Business Properties page

General Panel

The General panel (on the left of the screen) displays what general product information will be sent to NewEggBusiness.

Enabled Select the checkbox to display the product on NewEgg
Exported For NewEggBiz Select the checkbox to allow the product export for NewEgg Business.
SKU Displays an SKU identifier of the selected product, pulled from the product’s home page.
NewEggBizz Title The name of the product to be displayed on NewEgg
NewEggBizz Description A brief description of the product to be displayed on NewEgg
NewEggBiz Item# The numeric identifier of the product on NewEgg
Checkout MAP Use this option to manage product price on a channel by the minimum advertised price (MAP).
Item Condition The requirements under which the product should be used.
Manufacturer The company that produced the product.
Manufacturer SKU The product’s SKU number the producer has supplied with.
Merchant SKU Displays the Merchant SKU identifier of the selected product.
MAP Price Minimum advertised price (MAP) of the selected product.
Sub Category Displays the category the selected product refers to.
Industry Name Displays the corresponding industrial name of the selected product.

Pricing Panel

The Pricing panel (at the top of the middle of the screen) displays product prices posted on NewEggBusiness.

Site Price Displays the product’s Site Price, as pulled from the product’s home page.
Price For NewEgg Business Displays the Product Price specific to this channel.
MSRP/List Price Displays the MSRP product price as pulled from the Standard/List Price field available on the product’s home page.
Price The product price specific to the NewEggBusiness channel; deselect the Default checkbox to enter the value manually.

Controls Panel

The Controls panel (at the top right of the screen) lists the adjustable controls.

Bullet Point 1, … n Displays the numbers of configured controls. You can give them the proper names or identifiers.
Enable Volume Discount Select to allow applying the discount for the specific product volume purchased.

Shipping Panel

The Shipping panel (in the center of the screen) displays shipping data specific to the selected product.

Shipping Option You can indicate the shipping as free here.

Inventory Panel

The Inventory panel (bottom middle of the screen) displays both actual inventory quantities and inventory adjusted specifically to be posted on the NewEggBusiness channel.

Enable Default Qty Only refers to Replenishable Products. If enabled, it allows you to set a Default Quality (see below), which is the number that will always be sent to the channel in inventory updates regardless of the actual available inventory.
Default Qty Enter the Default Qty to be sent to the channel. To manually set this value, deselect the Default checkbox. Alternatively, the default Default Qty value adjusted on the company’s NewEggBusiness Settings can be applied.
Replenishable Select this option to mark the product as Replenishable.
Safety Qty Click the Default checkbox to use the default Safety Quantity setting as adjusted by the related company within the NewEggBusiness Settings. Deselect the Default checkbox to manually change that value for the individual product.
Inventory Qty Shows how many units are currently in stock, and how many of those are available for purchasing on NewEggBusiness.
Inventory Last Sent Displays the timestamp of the last product feed sent. N/A means the product is not posted yet.

Channel Images Panel

The Channel Images pane (on the bottom left of the screen) stores product images to be displayed on NewEggBusiness website. Click either the pencil icon or the Edit option to upload images for PrimaryThumbnailSwatch, or other product previews. You can also import images by their URLs.

Actions Explained

To perform any action on a NewEggBusiness-enabled product, click Actions in the upper right corner of the product’s NewEggBusiness Properties page, then select the appropriate option. See the definition of available options in the table below.

Actions for NewEggBusiness

Update Inventory/Price on NewEgg Biz Use to send updated inventory and price to the channel.
Connect to Inventory Select to update channel–inventory connection.
Export Product for NewEgg Biz and Download Use to download product info.
Export Product for NewEgg Biz and Upload Use to upload product info.

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