NewEgg Account Settings Overview

Overview is a major e-retailer that has expanded from its niche in electronics into a wider variety of categories. Newegg is popular for its product catalog and customer service. To easily integrate Sellercloud with your account, find a detailed explanation of Newegg settings in this article.

NewEgg Settings Explained

You can find a detailed description of the company-based NewEgg settings in the table below.

To access these settings page, go to Settings > Companies > Manage Companies > select a company > Toolbox > Channels > > General Settings.Newegg company settings

New Egg Enabled Makes products available for NewEgg listing.
Enable Int’l Listings  Enables international listings so that you can choose a shipping destination.
NewEgg Merchant ID Unique identifiers provided by NewEgg for integration with Sellercloud.
API Secret Key
Safety Qty Helps reduce the risk of overselling by subtracting a set number of units from the available quantity.
Default Qty  Only applies to Replenishable products. For these products, the Default quantity is the number that will always be sent to the channel in inventory updates regardless of the actual available inventory.
File Format Select the preferable format for the file exchange: Excel or CSV.
Shipping Option
  • Default – the item will charge shipping based on how Newegg charges shipping for the item
  •  Free – the item will not charge shipping for the item’s default shipping method
Order Limit Date Set the time limit on the order.
Enable Inventory And Price Upload Enable this setting to let NewEgg upload inventory and price information from Sellercloud.
Enable NewEgg Return Service Enables NewEgg program for customer returns.
Enable Order Download Enable this setting for the orders to be automatically downloaded from NewEgg to your Sellercloud account.
Enable Order Fulfillment Upload Enable for the tracking and Ship Date to be automatically sent to update the order status on NewEgg.
Download SBN Orders Lets you download orders shipped by NewEgg fulfillment service.
Always Send International Prices in USD Set the price to USD while shipping products internationally.
Enable Settlement Download When enabled, Sellercloud will continually request the latest remittance report from NewEgg.
Enable Order Download Limit Date Sets the time limit on the order download.

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