Miva Account Integration


Miva is a private e-commerce shopping cart software that allows merchants to build their online store through a web browser. Learn how to integrate Miva with your Sellercloud account in this article.

Integrate with Miva

Integrating with Sellercloud allows posting products, updating inventory and price, importing categories, and managing Miva orders.

The product must be Website Enabled on the Website Properties page for the available inventory to upload. Otherwise, an inventory of zero will upload for that product.
  1. Go to Settings > Manage Companies > Open a company.
  2. From the Toolbox, select Sellercloud Plug-in Website > Cart General.
  3. In the Select Plugin dropdown list, select Miva Api.Miva API
  4. Enter the API credentials > Save.
  5. Go to Toolbox > Website > General > Edit.
  6. From the Store Type dropdown menu, select Custom. This will reveal a Store Plugin list. Select Miva Api > Save.

Miva Settings Explained

Configure the following settings to integrate with Miva:

Store DomainWebsite address
API URLAPI address
API Store CodeThe code assigned to your store.
API Access TokenA credential to access an API.
API Signing KeyA unique key to sign an access token.
API Signing DigestA digest (hash) created for signing an API request.
Write To Log In DetailIf the cart setting is enabled, tracking docs (website), as well as trace logs, will be recorded in Sellercloud.
Enable Active Listing UpdateAllows active product listings to be automatically downloaded from Miva to your Sellercloud account.
Threshold for Product ExportControls the number of products listed per API call.
Threshold for Order Tracking ExportControls the tracking numbers quantity exported per API call.
Threshold for InvPrice ExportControls how many products will have a price update and inventory update per API call.
Threshold For Website Active Product InsertControls the number of products Sellercloud will pull in from Miva with the active listing report.
Allow Unpaid Orders ImportCheck to allow the import of unpaid orders.
Allow Shipped Orders ImportCheck to allow the import of shipped orders.
Allow Cancelled Orders ImportCheck to allow the import of cancelled orders.
Reserve Days For Unpaid OrdersThe number of days to reserve unpaid orders.

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