Merge Orders


With Sellercloud, you can seamlessly merge several same-channel orders from the same customer into a single order, which can help streamline shipping and reduce fulfillment costs. The most common scenario to merge orders is when the same customer makes two separate orders in quick succession.

Only eBay, Wholesale, and Local Store orders can be merged.
To revert a merge, use the Split Order action.

Merge Orders

Merging orders is not supported by all marketplaces. Therefore, Sellercloud customizations such as the Order Rule Engine and Plugins will not allow the merging of orders from channels other than eBay, Wholesale, and Local Store.

To Merge Orders from the same customer:

  1. Navigate to Orders > Manage Orders and select the required orders.
  2. Open the Action menu and choose Merge Orders.
  3.  You generated a Queued job, which can be reviewed on your Manage Queued Job page. Once completed, the ordered items will be merged and accommodated within the first-placed order.
Orders with different UserIDs (email addresses) or Ship To addresses will not merge, and the Queued Job will skip those orders.
Groupon Goods accounts will automatically merge orders placed within a certain time period of each other from the same customer. The merge information is sent from Groupon and is not determined by Sellercloud. For more information, see Groupon Marketplace Integration.

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