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Memaila lets individuals and businesses organize a team account for an email address of their choice so that each member can receive emails and send replies, with that team email address, but from their own personal email Inbox.

The Memaila platform offers numerous management and filtering options to ease the distribution of messages to the group of team members.

You also have options to leave notes, and easily follow up with other team members from the email chain itself, while working on an email thread.

The Memaila setup workflow has 2 main steps:

  • Signing up
  • Completing setup (can be done following sign-up, or later)

Sign Up

  1. Sign up for a Memaila account.The image shows the Sign Up button.
  2. Fill in the required fields.
    The image shows the first tab of the sign up window.

  3. Set up your company address.The image shows the second tab of the sign up widnwow
  4. Enter your login credentials and click Finish.
    Note: Your password must have 8+ characters, one lowercase and one uppercase letter, a special character, and a number.The image shows the third window of the sign up process.
  5. Open the Welcome email in your inbox and click Confirm my email address.
    The image shows the Confirmation button.
    The image shows the successful confirmation.
  6. Memaila will configure the team account for you and automatically open this sign-in page: Log in with your team name and user credentials.The image shown the Sign In window. The image shown the Sign In window.
  7. You will be prompted to add a team email, as shown below. Click Add.
    : If you close this message now instead of adding the team email, you can complete the setup later. See Complete the Setup Process for more information.

    The image shows the pop up window.

Complete the Setup Process

To complete your account setup:

  1. Log into Memaila > Go to Settings > Click Add.The image shows the Add button.
  2. Select Create a new email account if you want to create a new email address to connect with Memaila, or Use existing email account if you want to connect Memaila with your existing email account.
  3. Enter your email. More fields will appear — these are the keys for Memaila to connect to your email:
    1. Email Host – Choose the host from the dropdown. Note: If you choose “Other,” you must manually populate the IMAP and SMTP Host fields below.
    2. IMAP Host and IMAP Port
    3. SMTP Host and SMTP Port
    4. Mailbox Folder – Available in the Use existing email account tab. Enter this if you want to filter only one Inbox in your email account to feed Memaila with emails.
    5. Send From – Available in the Use existing email account tab.
    6. Memaila Reference – This field auto-populates as your team email without the ampersand (the @ sign). For example, The Memaila reference name is used to forward the emails from your team mailbox to your forwarding email address.
      Note: If this email already exists in the system, you may have to enter a different name.
      The image shows the email page.
  4. When done, click Test Connection to cross-check the input information and confirm that Memaila has access to your email address.
  5. Click Next. This will open the Forwarding tab.
    1. Add any email addresses to which you want messages from the team email address sent. For example,,, etc.
    2. You can also select an integration. For more information on integrations, refer to the Integrations section in Memaila help site>.
      The image shows the Forwarding tab.

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