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Make is an online platform that allows you to connect various web applications and services. It offers a simple way to create complex automation scenarios without any coding, using only a simple visual drag-and-drop interface. Integrating Make with Sellercloud enables you to automate workflows and data transfers across multiple business platforms, including Quickbooks Online. It helps streamline your processes, ultimately enhancing your overall productivity and efficiency. 

With Make, you can connect any Third-Party Service to Sellercloud!

Connect Sellercloud to Make

To use Sellercloud in Make, you first need to connect the two services. Since this integration is created by Make and put to use on their platform, you must initiate the connection there. See the Connecting to Services article on Make’s Help Center for a step-by-step walkthrough.

Automation Options

Make offers a set of Sellercloud automation options split into three types – triggers, actions, and searches.  You create workflows by defining triggers and actions. Triggers are events that initiate the automation, and actions are the subsequent steps. Searches allow you to use specific Sellercloud data in your automation. See the Types of Modules article on Make’s Help Center for more information.

Refer to the tables below for a list of the available triggers, actions, and searches.


Watch New OrdersReturns all newly created orders.
Watch OrdersReturns all orders based on your configuration.
Watch Queued JobsReturns completed Queued Jobs since the last run.


Adjust Physical InventoryAdjust a specific product’s Physical Inventory.
Create Queued JobCreate a Queued Job using a Scheduled Task ID.
Create an OrderCreate a new Order in Sellercloud.
Delete an OrderDelete a specific order by Order ID.
Get Inventory Info for a ProductGet a specific product’s inventory information.
Get a CustomerRetrieve a specific Customer by Customer ID.
Get a Purchase OrderRetrieve a specific Purchase Order by PO ID.
Get a WarehouseRetrieve a specific Warehouse by Warehouse ID.
Get an OrderGets a specific order by Order ID.
Make an API CallPerforms an arbitrary authorized API call.
Receive CheckAdd a Check Payment to the specified order.
Receive Manual PaymentAdds a Manual Payment to the specified order.
Set Physical InventorySets the Physical Inventory of a product.
Update Inventory Info for Single ProductUpdates a single product’s inventory information.
Update Quickbooks StatusUpdates the Quickbooks Status for one or more orders as Exported or Not Exported.


Search CompaniesSearches for specific Companies or returns all companies.
Search CustomersSearches for a specific Customer or returns all customers.
Search Inventory Info for Multiple ProductsSearches products for inventory information or returns all products’ inventory information.
Search ItemsSearches all products.
Search OrdersSearches for specific Orders or returns all orders.
Search Purchase OrdersSearches for specific Purchase Orders or returns all purchase orders.
Search Queued JobsSearches all Queued Jobs.
Search WarehousesSearches for specific Warehouses or returns all warehouses.

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